teamLab Planets, A High-Tech Art Museum of Shintoyosu!

teamLab Planets, A High-Tech Art Museum of Shintoyosu!

Who is the art type? Love to hunt for some art! Coming to Japan this time, let’s update the famous art museum. This time, we’re going to take everyone into the world of art at teamLab Planets, a high-tech art museum. of Shin Toyosu At this place, we dare to say that He stands out with a variety of art forms. which will change each season as well If you don’t arrive in time, you might really miss it. Who likes cutting-edge art? or like to take pictures should come Get your camera ready and let’s go!

DMM.Planets Art by teamLab

If anyone is looking for a place to travel in Japan that doesn’t mean a shopping district. We would like to introduce everyone to TeamLab, the biggest digital art exhibition! It is an art exhibition space full of art that combines technology. and unique nature Inside consists of 7 works in 4 zones under the Art Collective’s Body Immersive concept through sight, hearing and touch!

Queue up and get the card already. As soon as you enter teamLab Planets, you’ll be thrilled. There are more people waiting to see the artwork than I thought. before going inside They will let us take off our shoes first. Because inside the event, there is a water wade to see art works as well Then put the bag inside the locker. put on the wristband Ready to travel to the beautiful world of art!

Soft blackhole

Just the way to work I can feel the fun from now on >< The first zone we meet is the Water area. The way we walk is a ramp. There is also water flowing through it. It’s like walking through the water. Before entering the Soft blackhole, it is a room where we will experience the soft area under the weight of our bodies. as part of a natural area In this zone, we recommend walking slowly. If you miss it, you might stagger and hit your fellow travelers.

The infinite crystal universe

This room can be said to be beautiful. Beautiful like shouting loudly! I think it must be an important highlight that attracts people to come to this particular event. It is a play of light and color to look like a 3D image reflected to see the light around us, sparkling crystals. Like being in the midst of an endless universe Take beautiful photos of art from every angle. The gimmick of this room If we use the exhibition app of the event, we can control the color. and the form of light that can be projected in the room as well enjoy

teamLab Planets Art Museum exhibition Japanese exhibition Shin -Toyosu

Drawing on the Water Surface Created

After getting the photos from the previous room, let’s finish. Let’s continue to show up at the Dance of koi zone where walking through the muddy water is just an appetizer. Because this room is the real half-foot water! Entering this zone, friends will be able to walk on the water among the koi that swim on the water surface. and become a mass of colorful flowers Here they play full of lights, colors and sounds that are really beautiful. If anyone walks into the fish You will immediately break up into a flower. Have fun in another way Whoever wears long pants might have to dig it up a bit, haha.

teamLab Planets Art Museum exhibition Japanese exhibition Shin -Toyosu

3D in transforming space

Is another zone that is as beautiful as any other zone , 3D in transforming space. Enjoy a large 3D glowing ball that floats around and waits for us to touch it at any time. If we put our hand to lightly touch The ball will change color and move around with me. Have fun going back to your childhood like going back to being a kid again!

teamLab Planets Art Museum exhibition Japanese exhibition Shin -Toyosu

Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers

It is another room that perfectly arranges the display of the masses of flowers. Until wither and wither over time, it’s good to borrow and look at Chill in another way Gives the impression that we are floating in the universe of flowers.

  • Because the pictures of this exhibition room will be in a continuous rotation style. Anyone who is easily dizzy is not recommended to stay for a long time.
  • teamLab Planets
  • Opening hours – closed : Mon-Fri 10:00-20:00 , Sat-Sun 9:00-21:00 (closed on Tuesday)
  • How to get there: Shin-Toyosu station, walk about 700 meters, you will see the teamLab sign.


  • For those who come to visit Pang recommends wearing shorts. or pants that can be pulled up to about knee level But if not, don’t worry. Because here there are pants to change.
  • here before visiting Shoes must also be taken off. Because inside the event, there is a water wade to see art works


For anyone looking or want to try new experiences about unique art I would like to recommend you to come and have a look at teamLab Planets, a high-tech art museum. of Shintoyosu, the entrance fee is 3,200 yen per person (about 837 baht), you can come and buy a ticket right in front. There is an automatic vending machine. When entering, they will be around. In order not to have too many people, it is a place that can be said that in addition to being suitable for traveling It is also suitable for taking beautiful pictures as well. I guarantee that it’s definitely not boring.

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teamLab Planets TOKYO

Open until 21:00 (UTC+7)

6-chōme-1-16 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0061 ญี่ปุ่น






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