Maxell Aqua Park takes you to see The Most Advanced Underwater Aquarium from Japan!

Maxell Aqua Park takes you to see The Most Advanced Underwater Aquarium from Japan!
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Does anyone know that Another popular place that Japanese people like to go to is “Aquarium” or aquariums that have more than a hundred locations all over Japan! This time we take you to visit Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa, an aquarium located near Shinagawa Station. Let me tell you, it’s amazing from the first step into the museum. Inside will consist of many zones of aquatic animals. walk blown away Let your heart relax and enjoy the most. The Stadium is a dolphin show with spectacular lights and sounds that are the best. Slaves who love dolphins must come and see it!

Maxell Aqua Park

Who would have thought that One of the top popular places Of Japan will be an aquarium (Aquarium) in Japan, they are full of many aquariums spread out. Until we choose to go together, not afraid, unable to move Finally, we ended up at Maxell Shinagawa, less than 5 minutes from Shinagawa Station. It is an easy-to-access aquarium in Tokyo. full of light and sound and shows of many underwater animals

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa Aquarium Tokyo

Inner atmosphere

Inside filled with a warm atmosphere. Arrived inside the aquarium It’s like stepping into another world. Will come to take a walk to capture the slow life atmosphere, it is pleasing to the eyes Or come to collect cute pictures of all the animals It is equally beautiful.

Ticket price

Here, tickets will be sold in both booths. and counter The price for adults starts at 2300 yen each (approximately 586 baht). Complete your decision to buy tickets. It’s time to take a look inside. Inside will consist of many zones of aquatic animals, whether it is a large underwater tunnel. Aquarium exhibition zone, seal and penguin show

Vikings & Marry Go Around

Walking in the first zone, you will find the player zone first. It’s Vikings, a huge pirate ship, and Marry Go Around, a carousel ride. who brought the children Come with us that you will surely like it. Anyone who wants to play can buy tickets in front of the player straight away. There is also a fish tank zone with a screen that is a touch system for touching each other to enjoy as well.

Magical Ground

come to the next zone Looks like a weird fish show which are hard to find, many species There are many kinds with unfamiliar faces everywhere. There is also a coral show as well. We think that this zone can be called the light, color and sound that is most pleasing to the eyes.

Jellyfish Rumble

Walk up another floor We will find the Jellyfish Rumble zone or the jellyfish display cabinet. The room is very large with many species of jellyfish. Inside, it’s a little dark. Spot the jellyfish in the glistening tank. The display cabinet can change the light color according to the background music effect. inviting you to be mesmerized until you are fascinated Whoever invites you to come on a date here is delighted. It’s like coming into the real world under the sea.

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa Aquarium Tokyo

Wonder Tube

Another zone that we would like to present! Wonder Tube , a 20 meter long underwater tunnel, this zone will be filled with many stingrays swimming everywhere. Including the rare Dwarf Sawfish. See the natural light reflecting on the tunnel floor. I think the atmosphere in this zone is secretly romantic.

Wild Street

Come here in addition to having fish. There is also an amphibian zone. where we can see playful penguins and a fat seal waiting to welcome you too The girl is too cute to resist. Come out to do our daily activities for us to see without being shy at all.

The Stadium

Up to the zone that has been especially interesting to everyone, that is The Stadium, or the exciting show zone of dolphins on a large round swimming pool.

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa Aquarium Tokyo

The space has been reserved. It’s already auspicious time to watch the dolphin show. Let me tell you that it’s very enjoyable. Dolphins dance with light, color, sound and show the talent of the intelligent dolphins with their trainers. It’s another show that you can’t take your eyes off of. Before I know it, it’s almost over. Everyone is very impressed.

  • Maxell Aqua Park
  • Opening hours : Open daily 10:00 – 19:30
  • Admission fee: Adult 2300 yen (586 baht – not including rides)
  • Location: Minato Ward, Tokyo, take the train to Shinagawa Station, walk about 5 minutes.


In conclusion, for anyone who is tired of the lights and sounds of the shopping district of Tokyo. If you want to change the atmosphere and travel to other places, Pang recommends you to come and enjoy yourself at Aqua Park Shinagawa. Visit the fish tunnel under the sea. Shows of aquatic animals for us to fully enjoy. Let me tell you that it’s very easy to travel. Take a walk from Shinagawa Station. Just no more than 5 minutes.

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Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Closed until 10:00 (UTC+7)

ญี่ปุ่น 〒108-8611 Tokyo, Minato City, Takanawa, 4-chōme−10−30 品川プリンスホテル内






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