Relaxing on a SEA Scape Yacht at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya

Relaxing on a SEA Scape Yacht at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya

Today I will take everyone to act chic and cool on a yacht near Bangkok. It’s said that if you have 1 day or 2 days, you can go chill now. Today I will take you to a yacht from SEA scape which is boarded at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya.

And today, SEA scape is kind. They have a valuable promotion, Yacht 4 hours. The price is only 39,000 baht! (Normal price 45,000 baht) This deal is only available for page members to eat and sleep by PPowder. You can reserve until the end of February 2020! For this boat, up to 25 people can board the boat. On average, the price is only 1,560 baht per person. Being a gang is worth it anyway.

I will say that the cool thing is This is the newest and best yacht out there right now.
There are 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms in each room.

There is a BBQ stove above with a set of food.

It drives very softly.

There are 6 hang out corners, and there is also a bar and a sundeck.

As for the photo angle, don’t worry at all. Because I can take pictures from every angle. Haha.

For those who want multiple boats or other size You can ask because SEA Scape has many boats in many sizes.

?? Contact via Line below.
>> ID LINE: im19999
When booking, don’t forget to say that you are a child of the page. Eat and sleep by PPowder.

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