Queen Sirikit National Convention Center new look! Bigger than before. Eat and feel satisfied. Take photos. It’s great!

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center new look! Bigger than before. Eat and feel satisfied. Take photos. It’s great!
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Annyeong everyone! Today, Pang comes to please content lovers who like to eat at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Let me tell you that this place has been renovated. Better than before, the real thing is not in the eyes. Comes with a scale that is 5 times larger than before! Not to mention Mood & Tone. Minimal, mini, crunchy, white, clean, decorated in a chic modern Thai style. with a photo corner Lots of content making corner! Anyone who is looking for coordinates to take photos should not miss it. In addition, it also comes with a new restaurant zone, large and full to accommodate all needs. The shooting line is delighted. Food lovers must fall in love!

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, new location!

Talk about this place. I can believe that no one doesn’t know. Queen Sirikit National Convention Center or Queen Sirikit National Convention Center after being closed for renovation for about 3 years, it was officially reopened this past September. which here has been renovated with a new look more magnificent than before Increase the size of the area up to 5 times from the original area of 65,000 square meters to 300,000 square meters, with space for organizing events. and retail stores making it able to support all forms of work And also supports people who use the service up to 100,000 people per day

New decoration , Thai modern style

This new facelift Let me tell you that it comes with a more modern decoration. Mix between Thai and international It has been designed with meticulousness. whether the architecture building structure Using the concept of Thai Modern, bringing Thai motifs, science and art Come decorate to match the era. Along the way, we will notice highlights such as raised faces, elephant pillars-globes, large carved wooden figures. There is also a renovation of the exterior building. Use glass around the building for a wider view Welcoming natural light to create a pleasant atmosphere

new restaurant zone Support all needs

Another thing that must be mentioned is He also comes with a new restaurant zone. full size Support all needs There are light shops, basics, coffee shops, desserts, sipping coffee while reading a book. to the most exclusive restaurants to meet all lifestyles. In total, there are now about 30 restaurants and will soon be up to 50. It can be said that no matter what age, they can all enjoy. Take a walk, enjoy, stop by for a meal and sip coffee. Today, there will be some delicious restaurants for you. Let’s go and see.

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center or Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

Red Lobster, a seafood restaurant from Florida

Let’s start with the first restaurant ‘Red Lobster’. This restaurant is a seafood restaurant from Florida. with only quality food Delicious and affordable. There are more than 700 branches around the world. Here is decorated in a modern American style. give a warm atmosphere The food served in each menu is extremely good. Choose to use fresh ingredients from around the world. with lobster being the highlight menu Whether it’s cheddar bay biscuits, the shop’s signature menu, shrimp cocktail, lobster soup. and various lobster dishes big size It’s already unpacked for us to eat easily, delicious and satisfying. I want you to try every menu.

MAN FUYUAN Cantonese style Chinese food

Continue with ‘MAN FUYUAN’ dim sum restaurant, Cantonese style Chinese food. Come in a luxurious atmosphere in the heart of the city. There are many menus to try. The restaurant has a warm and clean atmosphere inside, which is an atmosphere that invites families to come and have a meal together. Dim Sum lovers say that they are delighted! Roasted duck with juicy sauce tender meat Stir-Fried Cabbage with XO Sauce, secret recipe, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Any dim sum filling is so delicious, Hong Kong-style crispy pork is the best! Juicy meat, thin crispy skin Impressed with every menu.

HOU YUU, the legendary Japanese restaurant

Let’s come to some Japanese restaurants. HOU YUU is an authentic Japanese restaurant. which has a reputation for more than 20 years, selecting good quality raw materials Sent directly from the famous fish market in Japan. Inside the shop is spacious. The atmosphere inside the shop said that it was very impressive. It is a contemporary style inspired by a Japanese style rock garden. Clean and comfortable. There are many menus to choose from. Become a set of premium Japanese food. Guarantee that you will definitely like Japanese food lovers. Raw fish, fresh meat, juicy, traditional Japanese taste. come experience and the full kaiseki-style deliciousness without having to go as far as Japan!

Other recommended stores

  • The top 3 shops look really hard and full. Let’s take a look at a simple restaurant down a bit. I believe that everyone knows and has eaten there for sure. Whether it’s an Oishi Biztoro restaurant that has both rice and ramen dishes. various shrimp tempura Is there a variety of menus to choose from equally. comfortable price
  • Or will it be another delicious restaurant like On the Table with a cute little girl? “Nong Toh Chang” welcomes us in front of the shop. It is a Japanese cafe style restaurant. Have a kawaii heart It’s simple, Muji style, complete with food and drinks, pizza, spaghetti, baked spinach and cheese. Each menu is a perfect blend of Japanese and Italian flavors!
  • And finally, ZEN BOX, another Japanese restaurant. Original recipe from Hokkaido. There are plenty of menus to choose from. Freshly cooked, delicious, satisfying, full of flavor. There are many menus to choose from. It’s worth trying every menu!


For the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, we can say that It is another new landmark. that definitely meets the needs of every lifestyle Anyone looking for a source to make content Just get a picture to post on social media, what will it be worth? Must be able to eat delicious food! The atmosphere is good, both in door and out door, large and spacious, come in the evening or night, the mood is very good. Don’t let time pass this holiday, outfit to the max, dress chic and come visit

  • Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (next to MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Center) not far from Suan Ben)
  • Open daily from 07.00-21.00


Closed until 09:00 (UTC+7)

60 ถ. รัชดาภิเษก แขวงคลองเตย เขตคลองเตย กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110






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