Phuket Travel Guide Pearl of the South Andaman Sea

Phuket Travel Guide Pearl of the South Andaman Sea
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It is inevitable if you are talking about outstanding provinces for their tourist attractions, such as beautiful blue waters and white sandy beaches. More importantly, it is also a province that is famous to the world, becoming a destination for almost all people around the world. But apart from the sea, many people still do not know that Phuket has a long history since prehistoric times. Therefore, we would like to bring everyone to open up another world of Phuket that you do not know yet through this Phuket travel guide.

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History of Phuket

Phuket is considered another province with a history since prehistoric times because stone tools and stone axes have been excavated at Ban Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket Province, so it is assumed that this area should have been inhabited for at least 3,000 years. “Phuket” is Supposedly distorted from Malay. “Bukit” means mountain, originally spelled Phuket. Phuket may refer to: Muang Kaew Phuket first appeared in Claudius’ book Geography and Navigation Maps. Ptolemy, about 700 B.C., described this part of the land as: Laem Takola is a land pushed out to the south to become a long cape at the tip of Phang Nga province. It later reappeared in records and nautical maps of European nations in East Asia. Between the years 2054 and 2397, the land was said to And finally, in 1568, there was evidence of the Tamil people’s call to the name of this land: Manikaram means Muang Kaew, which has the same meaning as Phuket in the Thalang City Archives No. 1 in the year 2328.

In the reign of King Buddha Yod Fa Chulalok. There was a war of nine armies by King Padung, the king of Burma, had the generals raise an army to hit the southern provinces, one of which was Thalang, but at that time, the ruler of Thalang or Phaya Pimon Aya Khan just passed away. His wife and Mr. Mook. Instead, his sister gathered forces to fight against Burma and was victorious. His Majesty King Buddha Yod Fa Chulalok the Great has graciously appointed Lady Chan Thao Thep Krasattri and Khun Muk Thao Srisoonthorn.

Finally, during the reign of King Chulalongkorn, the western seaside districts were gathered to form Phuket Province. In 2476, the county governance system was abolished, changing to a province, making Phuket the current province.

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Overview of Phuket

Phuket is one of Thailand’s most famous tourist provinces globally and the only province with an island topography. Phuket has been prosperous since ancient times as it is a province mined with foreigners and has developed further and further until it has become one of Thailand’s economic provinces and the number 1 province that generates the highest income from tourism.

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Phuket Today

Today, Phuket is one of Thailand’s 77 provinces in the south and the largest island in Thailand. Phuket is located in the zone of influence of southwest and northeast monsoon. The climate is hot and humid all year round. In addition, Phuket has a provincial emblem, the image of a monument to two heroines in a circle surrounded by bird motifs. It represents the heroic deeds of Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Srisoonthorn, who defended Thalang from the Burmese invasion.

At present, Phuket is divided into three districts as follows:

  • Muang Phuket District
  • Kathu District
  • Thalang District

Although Phuket is a moderate province, the province is full of tourist attractions, from buildings, national parks, mountains, and waterfalls to the emerald blue sea, earning it the nickname “Pearl City of the Andaman Sea,” which corresponds to the provincial motto “Andaman Pearl, Southern Paradise City, Golden Sand Beach, Two Heroines. Glory to Father”

The best time to travel

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  • Summer (mid-February – mid-May) is when the northeast monsoon weakens, so the temperature rises, making it hot, especially March–May is the hotter season than other periods. The average temperature of 27.9 – 39.2 degrees Celsius is considered the best time to go to the beach. Beaches such as Patong Beach, Karon Beach, Racha Yai Island and Coral Island
  • The rainy season (mid-May – mid-October) is when the southwest monsoon blows and there is low pressure—causing continuous rainfall. Average Temperature: 27 – 32 degrees Celsius. Suitable for visiting waterfalls such as Bang Pae Waterfall and Kathu Waterfall, as this is when there is a lot of water.
  • Winter (mid-October – mid-February) is when the northeast monsoon prevails. Average temperature: 13.9 – 29 degrees Celsius, suitable for sightseeing in various capes such as Promthep Cape, Krathing Cape, and Panwa Cape.

How to get to Phuket

As for getting to Phuket, I can say that it is easy because Phuket is a tourist city, making travel very convenient.

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  • By plane, You can fly directly to Phuket. It is the fastest route, with only 1 hour and 20 minutes to go.
  • By car: From Bangkok, take Thonburi-Pak Tho (Highway No. 35), then take Highway No. 4 through Phetchaburi – Prachuap Khiri Khan – Chumphon – Ranong – Phang Nga and cross Thao Thep Kasattri Bridge (Sarasin Bridge) to Phuket, a distance of 862 kilometers.
  • By bus: You can board the Bangkok-Phuket route at Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal, which takes about 12 hours.
  • By train: If you want to ride the fire, you must get off at Phunphin Railway Station in Surat Thani province, as there is no direct train service from Bangkok to Phuket. After that, transfer to a bus to get to Phuket.

Where to stay in Phuket

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Old Town Phuket

It is a popular area in the city center. With a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget hotels, it is considered the most convenient area due to its full range of dining and transportation facilities.

Cape Panwa

Suppose anyone is a natural line. We recommend staying in this area as it is a quiet accommodation area. It’s not chaotic, close to the sea. More importantly, the price is affordable as well.

Patong Beach

It is considered one of the most popular neighborhoods as it is Phuket’s most famous seaside area. This area will have both prosperous sides. It is suitable for the night and the natural side, love peace, so anyone on any line can choose what they like.

Thalang District

Perfect for nature lovers who love the sea again, as the accommodation here is a beachfront accommodation. It is also close to popular attractions such as Nai Yang Beach and Mai Khao Beach.

Things to do when going to Phuket

See the most beautiful sunset in Thailand at Promthep Cape.

Promthep Cape is known as Thailand’s most beautiful sunset viewpoint by the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s 12-month, 7-star, 9-sun miracle project.

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Pray to the Big Buddha of Phuket

The Big Buddha of Phuket, or Phra Buddha Ming Mongkol Ek Nak Khiri, is sacred and essential to the people of Phuket. If anyone goes to make a wish, it will make life more prosperous.

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Walking around Old Phuket Town

If you come to Phuket and do not come to the old Phuket town, it is considered that you will not arrive! The old town is considered the starting point of Phuket, with the surrounding area featuring Sino-Portuguese architecture that reflects the history of Phuket. Reminiscent of the past

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Visit Bang Pae Waterfall

If anyone thinks that coming to Phuket will only see the sea, you are wrong! Because Phuket also has waterfalls, the waterfall must be clear, calm, and pleasant to play with.

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Snorkeling and coral reef watching at Racha Yai Island

For diving, it is recommended to come to Racha Yai Island. The most popular tourist spot is the Gulf of Siam, famous for diving and beautiful coral reefs.

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Follow the legend of immortal love among the Sarasin Bridge.

It is believed that many of you have heard the famous tragic love story of two young people who choose to protect their love. Even death cannot separate them. The place that witnesses this immortal love is Sarasin Bridge.

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Check-in Patong Beach

Patong Beach is a famous beach that anyone visiting Phuket must not miss because it has clear blue waters overlooking the sand below. Contrast with the silky white sand that makes you feel comfortable on the eyes.

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Thaw Sap at Lard Yai Walking Street

Lard Yai Walking Street is Phuket’s largest and most famous walking street. Inside are many goods, from pestles to warships—sweet and savory food, clothes, groceries, souvenirs, and various performances.

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Flashback to Chinpracha House

For those who like vintage, you must come to Chinpracha House, an old house built at the end of the reign of King Rama V more than 100 years old. When you enter it, it feels like you have fallen into the past.

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Explore the underwater world at Phuket Aquarium.

If you come to Phuket, another thing you can’t miss is a visit to Phuket Aquarium or Phuket Aquarium, the first and most significant marine aquarium in Thailand. More than 25,000 species of aquatic animals are on display.

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Have fun on your trip!

Choose Phuket as your destination. You won’t be disappointed. In addition to the above, Phuket has many other charms to discover. With its beautiful nature and friendly locals, it’s worth a visit. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for anyone who wants to go to Phuket. Enjoy your trip and enjoy the pearl city of the South Sea.

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