Review of Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon, a luxury hotel in Hong Kong, near MTR Jordan

Review of Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon, a luxury hotel in Hong Kong, near MTR Jordan
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One of the things that make me think about going on a trip, another thing for Pang is the hotel. because although it is where we spend the least time But we also want to be clean, beautiful, safe and close to the journey. And most importantly, the price is cute.

and for our Hong Kong trip This time we choose to stay at Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon Hong Kong. After trying to find information, I found that this place is also near MTR Jordan, plus there is also a 7-11 opposite the hotel.

And the last thing that will be the deciding factor is the price itself. And we got this room for only about 2,000 baht per night, which if compared to all that has been said. including the width of the room It’s really beautiful. Once you see the price, book now, what are you waiting for, haha.

For the website that Pang uses to book hotels is Traveloka. For anyone who wants to check the price of this hotel.

As for traveling from the airport to the accommodation, it is very easy. There are 2 methods in total.

  • Airport Express: Get off at Kowloon Station and then take the K1 Shuttle Bus to the second stop, Jordan. After that, walk for about 8 minutes and turn into Soi Saigon Street.
  • Take bus A21, get off at station 11 and walk a bit.

Okay, if you’re ready Let’s go and see the atmosphere of the hotel. There is a seat below. and a counter for depositing luggage

Upon arriving at the hotel, go up to check in on the 2nd floor. The way up is going up by an escalator like this. (Check-in time is 2:00 p.m.)

Let’s check-in first. by submitting the passports of all guests to the staff While waiting for check-in, we come to explore around the area. This is better.

There are computers and internet here for you to use. There are 2 machines in total.

And there is a Louge where you can sit and drink and eat snacks.

Once check-in is complete We’d better go to the room. When taking the elevator, you must use the key card to press the accommodation floor as well. And we stay on the 6th floor.

We have arrived at our room. The room that Pang chooses is a Superior Room, which is approximately 24 square meters in size. Inside the room, there are complete facilities. Whether it’s a hair dryer, bathtub, TV, safe, and 2 bottles of water per day (unfortunately, there is no pay line) >< Another thing that I like very much is that they give 2 key cards and have a key card inserted. already in the room

For anyone who wants to find a hotel with a cute price. Don’t forget to check out the prices and reserve them at Traveloka. What Pang likes is the price on the website is the price that you actually have to pay. (Easy to book, pay as seen) and another thing is that they have a 24-hour Customer Service in Thai. If you arrive at the accommodation, when booking, there is any problem, you can contact the staff at any time!

Already looked at the room Let’s go down and have a look below. There’s also a fitness center here. Complete equipment

Oh, let’s look at the surroundings. Let’s stay a little better. see behind? Seven is opposite the hotel.

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