Review of Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya, A Luxury Hotel in Jomtien

Review of Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya, A Luxury Hotel in Jomtien

Pattaya is another tourist city that must be admitted that it is easy to travel. can go whenever There is only one day to go. And here is often the first choice. that Bangkok people choose to travel together and when going to a tourist city It’s not strange that the hotel has a lot. So many that I can’t really choose.

Today, Pang would like to share with us about 1 of the hotels that we have stayed in for a while and see how it was. For the place that Pang will talk about is Movenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya. But let me tell you that just staying in the hotel is really enough.

For here, there will be a total of 260 rooms, with many styles, including deluxe rooms, suites and others, including 3 restaurants to choose from: T55, Panorama and LA COSTA.

Let’s start looking at the atmosphere inside the hotel first.

Next is in the bedroom. There are many types and sizes of rooms starting with deluxe rooms. That’s so wide. Haha.

The next type of room is a suite, the sea view is very good.

Look at the atmosphere of the hotel and rooms. Next, let’s go and see the dining room. Let’s start with the breakfast room first. A lot of food, delicious, complete. I want to eat many things. But I can’t eat anymore. Haha.

Later, T55 restaurant, this room will be Italian style, delicious, especially the homemade bread served before the meal. Ask for a cable until the staff member tells you to be careful that you’re full first, haha.

This is the face of the baker who said Whoever goes and doesn’t eat is angry!

The last restaurant will be LA COSTA. This room will be outdoor by the swimming pool. Let’s chill out and enjoy the breeze.

โรงแรม เมอเวนพิค สยาม โฮเทล นาจอมเทียน พัทยา

55, Na, ถ. สุขุมวิท ตำบล สัตหีบ อำเภอสัตหีบ ชลบุรี 20250






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