Review of Maiton Private Island, Maiton Island, A Private Island that everyone can go to

Review of Maiton Private Island, Maiton Island, A Private Island that everyone can go to

Koh Mai Thon, a private island that is only 20 minutes from Phuket, is known as one of the most suitable islands for relaxation because of beautiful water, coral reefs, and soft white sandy beaches. And also near

Yes, today Pang will take everyone to Koh Mai Ton together for a day trip. This time, Pang uses a day tour service from Love Andaman. In the morning, Love Andaman will have a van pick us up at the hotel. After that will be taken to the port. to leave for the island Prices for Thai people are 2,800 baht for adults and 2,100 baht for children.

Maithon Island Will leave the boat from Phae Saeng Pier, Phuket (Boat Ramp) departing every day throughout the year by Love Andaman. There will be a shuttle bus from the hotel to the pier (for Thai people).

  • For trips to Koh Mai Thon, free pick up from hotels in Phuket. to Phae Saeng Pier (Boat Ramp) except Panwa zone, Nai Harn, Nai Thon, Nai Yang, Rawai, Tri Trang, Layan, Surin Beach, Laguna, Siray, Choeng Thale, Bang Tao, Ao Por, Cape Yamu, Paklok, Phuket Airport, Maikhao, Thalang with a transfer fee of 200 baht per person / trip

At the pier, there is a waiting room for having something to eat first. Such as chicken porridge, sandwiches, cereals, snacks and drinks. Including a place to explain the rules. To go to the island too When it’s time, let’s get on the boat and leave.

Getting to Koh Mai Thon It takes about 15-20 minutes. Anyone who gets seasick would like you to take the medicine provided by the tour. upon reaching the island There will be a little time to take pictures together.

We have arrived at the island. Let’s take some photos.

After that, we will go diving together, where diving will be closely monitored by elder guards. Wood must be worried. I will say that the sea water here is clear and very beautiful. It’s also beautiful when shooting on land. Taking pictures in the water is beautiful.

For anyone with an underwater camera And I want Elder Card to take some pictures for me. You can inform me. The brothers are very cute and kind.

After about 40 minutes of snorkeling, we will go ashore for lunch. Plenty of food to choose from. buffet style Including seafood, shrimp, squid and spicy sauce.

after eating Here, there will be time to relax according to the leisure. And the tour will take you to walk up to take photos at the viewpoint that will see 3 provinces as well, which is called 1 day that you can relax and chill. with good atmosphere

And for this round, Pang travels with Thai Airways, choosing to sit in Business Class. I can say that it is very satisfying for Thai Airways to board the plane at Suvarnabhumi. Arrive at check-in and find something to eat at the lounge.

Seats on the plane are comfortable, spacious, food is served. various drinks Provide unlimited seating, lying down, watching movies.

Anyone traveling can try to check flights and prices at

For those who want to book a tour with Love Andaman


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