Lau Pa Sat Satay Street Heaven for Nightlife lovers in Singapore

Lau Pa Sat Satay Street Heaven for Nightlife lovers in Singapore
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If in Thailand, Heaven for lovers of light and sound at night Probably can’t escape from Khao San Road. Alley of pleasures of Thai people But in Singapore, they have it too! Enjoy eating like us, so let’s come to Lau Pa Sat, a place for food lovers at night! Because here, after 1 pm, He closed the road to set the tables lined up. Fragrant satay, turn on music to call people, wait for us to enjoy.

Lau Pa Sat, another large food court Located in the downtown area of Singapore, is another hawker center that is very crowded and open 24 hours a day. During the day, it consists of regular restaurants. After 7 pm, the road starts to close. After that, Satay cart shops will start selling. We arrived here in the early evening. Let me tell you that there are more people than I thought! The most important thing is the aroma of grilled meat. I can’t resist until I have to hurry to reserve a table.

I completed finding a seat. We stopped by to order some grilled beef satay. There are a lot of street food stalls selling beef satay. Toasting like smoke everywhere, no one gave up on anyone. I walk away hungry because the smell is delicious. The atmosphere is excellent and comfortable, not as hot as I thought. Finally, I felt like sitting and eating Mount Moi with my friends late at night.

Finally, our roast beef was served. The one that I ordered will come in a set. Priced at 38 SGD (about 1000 baht), the dish has a variety of meat satay, including shrimp, chicken, and beef, served with Kutepat.

Lau Pa Sat Satay Street

The overall taste is intense. They grilled it into bite-sized sticks. The chicken meat was tender and gave me the feel of hot grilled chicken. Intense taste Marinated into a good texture, enjoy eating with Kutepat, a rice ball—dip satay sauce, delicious, just right. Grilled prawns are a little challenging to eat. But equally delicious

This street of satay is considered another paradise for true night food lovers. Because he opened a food shop 24 hours a day without a holiday, some sales are outstanding. Open over the day, overnight. The menu has a wide variety to choose from. Don’t be afraid that you won’t have delicious food to eat. Anyone who likes street food restaurants with a comfortable atmosphere, sit and enjoy eating must come here.

  • Satay Street Lau Pa Sat
  • Open every day 19.00-23.00
  • How to get there: Take the MRT to Raffles Place Station.

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Lau Pa Sat

Always Open 24 hours(UTC+7)







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