Pha Chor

Pha Chor
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It is in charge of Mae Wang National Park. It is a cliff, about 30 meters high, with distinctive clay patterns caused by the erosion of wind and rain. It is a natural phenomenon. Which is believed to be the path of the Ping River thousands of years ago And has changed direction, causing the sediment to form layers with strange, beautiful patterns Until getting the nickname ‘Grand Canyon of Thailand’ within a spacious area. Can walk to visit

Interesting Thing

In addition to the unearthly beauty of Pha Chor, There is also a path to study the nature of Pha Chor, a distance of about 900 meters, for tourists to walk and admire nature. And there is also a viewpoint of the Roman columns. This is regarded as the highlight of this place that has it all by a giant monolith. There are patterns formed by layering together, simultaneously giving a feeling of beauty and wonder.

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From Chiang Mai City, head west. Turn left into Soi Suthep and run straight to Bypass Road, San Pa Tong, Hang Dong. Then turn left onto Highway 2052 and turn right to reach the destination.

Location: Mae Wang National Park, Santisuk Subdistrict, Doi Lo District, Chiang Mai Province

Phone number: 081 881 4729, 063 523 9518, 0 5310 6759

Opening days and times: Temporarily closed.

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Phachor (Mae Wang National Park)

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