Bo Kaew Pine Plantation

Bo Kaew Pine Plantation
bo kaeo pine tree garden ,chiang mai (

It is an experimental area for planting different types of mountain pine at the Department of National Parks and bringing varieties from foreign countries, such as those from Australia, South Africa, or Taiwan, to try to find varieties that are suitable for being the pioneers to plant on degraded forests on the northern mountains. The pine trees that are planted are over 40 years old. Most of them are cedars that grow at a height of 500 meters above sea level. And here is also part of the project to explore raw materials to make pulp. Bo Kaeo Pine Plantation covers an area of approximately 2,072 rai.

Interesting Thing

The highlight of this place is ‘Thew Pine View,’ arranged neatly and beautifully like a scene from a movie, especially during the winter when the mist covers the scenery. The more romantic feeling Until getting the nickname ‘Nami Island in Thailand’ In addition, the weather here is still humid and cool all year round. Therefore, it has become a popular place where tourists often come to relax and take pictures. Importantly, there is no entrance fee.


Take the Chiang Mai from downtown Chiang Mai-Hod Road (108) to Hod District. Then turn right to Mae Hong Son. Then drive for another 36 kilometers. Finally, you will arrive at Bo Kaeo Pine Garden on the left side of the road.

Location: Bokeo Suanviwat Research Station (Suan Son Bo Kaew) 36 Hod-Mae Sariang Road, Bo Luang Subdistrict, Samoeng District, Chiang Mai Province

Phone number: 053-248-604

Opening days and times: Every day from 6:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

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