Review Blu Monkey Hub & Hotel Phuket, cool accommodation in Phuket, Phang Nga Road area

Review Blu Monkey Hub & Hotel Phuket, cool accommodation in Phuket, Phang Nga Road area

Blue Monkey Hotel is a boutique hotel. that emphasizes the chill and comfort, which actually has many branches as well But in each branch, it will be unique and different. by adjusting to the location local culture and living

The branch that Pang comes to sleep with is Blu Monkey Hub & Hotel Phuket on Phang Nga Road. quite close to walking street restaurants If ready, let’s see how chill it is.

walk inside This area will be a seating area. And in the morning, you can have breakfast here too.

in the swimming pool The size is not very big but enough to be able to swim Most of the foreigners come to lie down to read and sunbathe.

This zone will be a place to sit, read books and play board games. Including a small cafe zone You can order snacks, food or come to sit and have breakfast in here as well.

Let’s go up to the top. Pang is sleeping on the 5th floor. Look at the chicness of telling them their room numbers first. It’s not normal.

Come inside the room The size of the room is good. Not too small, not too big The bed was comfortable. But it was two small beds next to each other. If sleeping in the middle, there may be some grooves, haha.

Inside the room is fully equipped. Oh, but what I won’t have is the refrigerator. Sleep is normal.

What I like is the sink and mirror outside the bathroom. When friends go to the bathroom We can come out and do makeup here. do not compete Oh, the mirror here can turn on the light. It’s like a beauty blogger.

Another highlight is here. bathtub on balcony Let me tell you that it’s very chill. If you come to soak in the tub outside here I recommend you to soak in the morning or late at night, the weather is good and you’re not too embarrassed, haha. Oh, they also have a fan at the ceiling for you, really chilling.

As for the inside of the bathroom, it’s like this.

If anyone is interested, they can go see more details at

Blu Monkey Hub and Hotel Phuket

Always Open 24 hours(UTC+7)

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