Review of Best Western Sapporo Odori Koen Hotel, Accommodation in Sapporo, Japan

Review of Best Western Sapporo Odori Koen Hotel, Accommodation in Sapporo, Japan

Today, I’m going to introduce the powder’s accommodation in Hokkaido trip in the Sapporo area. Let me tell you first that I have stayed in Sapporo for 4 nights. This is Best Western Sapporo Odori Koen Hotel. All levels of service are impressive. Luxurious dining, comfortable living, spacious rooms, good prices! who is looking for accommodation Let’s see.

Best Western Hotel Sapporo Odori-koen A Best Western Hotel chain. Hotel & Resort This is a medium size hotel. There are a total of 60 rooms, I personally think they are beautiful, new and complete for relaxation, and also have free Wi-Fi.

The hotel is located in the heart of Sapporo city. Close to Odori Park city center park and is one of the venues for the famous Sapporo Snow Festival. It is about 600 meters from JR Sapporo Station.

And with the fact that Best Western currently has 18 hotels open in Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, as well as the seaside resort city of Okinawa or exploring many cultural cities such as Nagoya, Yokohama, Takayama, and Yonezawa, wherever you choose to stay. Guests will receive a warm welcome. comfortable travel and facilities that are typical of Best Western standards.

For travelling, get off at Odori Station and walk further. The hotel may not be very close to the train station, about 7 minutes walk, but it’s the only direct road. Along the way, there will be a large Family Mart for you to stop by and shop.

Arrived at the hotel Let’s look at the atmosphere below.

The atmosphere in the room Considered very spacious and comfortable.

The room is very spacious. compared to hotels in Japan
The USB port is very pleasing.
fully equipped Even the smelly shirt injection is available. Used a lot of flour. Because I eat grilled food almost every day, haha.
The bathroom is clean.
The bathtub is very wide and deep. Usually visit Japan The powder will like to soak in warm water. because walking all day long This one is very comfortable, very satisfying.
complete equipment
Normally, powder doesn’t like to use shampoo. hotel soap It’s worth it here.

When the powder is gone, the powder is reserved with breakfast. Wake up early, take a shower and get dressed. Stop by to eat below. and then continue to travel

Best Western Rewards members can receive various benefits along with accumulated points from stays which can be redeemed for gifts from participating partners or redeemed for free nights at Best Western hotels*

It’s free to join Best Western Rewards. There is no cost to the site.
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Contact Best Western Sapporo Odori-Koen:

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  • Tel: ​​+81(011)-208-1311
  • Address Odori Nishi 8-2-36, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0042 Hokkaido Japan

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Let’s get ready before going to Hokkaido (Hokkaido)!

Review of Sapporo: travel to the max, eat to the max

Best Western Sapporo Odori Koen

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8-2, 8丁目 大通西 中央区 札幌市 北海道 060-0042 ญี่ปุ่น






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