Review Yuutaro, a premium sushi buffet from a famous restaurant The price is less than a thousand!

Review Yuutaro, a premium sushi buffet from a famous restaurant The price is less than a thousand!

Set up orange fish line. Hurry up. Because today I will take you to eat premium sushi at Yuutaro, no more than a thousand per person!

Yuutaro is a premium Japanese restaurant in the middle of the city, located at Central Embassy, 5th floor, near BTS Phloen Chit. I will say that there is a full menu, including sushi, sashimi, beef rice, udon, as well as many appetizers. More than 40 menus included!

?? Price per head 990 baht ??
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(If Walk-in or call to reserve, the shop will not accept)

I will say that this work is very satisfying for salmon lovers. Because they have arranged a salmon menu for you in full and many more, you can order unlimitedly, you can eat for 2 full hours!

Let’s have a look at what’s on the menu. For this one, the powder will write all the menu names in each category. But food pictures will only have some menus.

Sashimi >> Salmon, Kani Kamaboko(crab stick)

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon menu >> Salmon Sushi, Salmon Maki, Salmon Engawa Roll, Salmon Yum Thai, Salmon Teriyaki

Salmon Yum Thai
Salmon Sushi
Salmon Sushi

Sushi >> Unagi(Eel), Beef(Beef), Ebi(Shrimp), Ika(Squid), Tamago(Sweet Egg), Maguro(Tuna), Suzuki, Ikura(Salmon roe), Negitoro(Tuna), Tobiko( shrimp eggs)

Maguro Sushi (Tuna)
Beef Sushi

Don, Udon, Soup >> Beef Don, Tempura Udon, Soba, Miso Soup

Yakimono (Grilled) >> Buta Amiyaki, Beef Steak, Salmon Shiro/Teri yaki

Beef Steak
Beef Steak

Roll >> Yuutaro Temmaki, Salmon Engawa Roll, Salmon Maki, California Maki, So Salmon, Tekka Maki

Agemono (Fried) >> Calamari, Tempura, Teba Karaage, Tonkatsu


Salad >> Salmon Tataki, Tuna Tataki, Shirauo, Yuba Salad Maki, Kaiso

Salmon Tataki
Tuna Tataki

Appetizer >> Nasu Dengaku(Grilled Eggplant), Ginnan Yaki(Salted Ginkgo), Hiyashi Wakame(Seaweed Salad), Chawan Mushi(Steamed Egg), Edamame(Edamame), Ehire(Stingray Fin), Beef Tataki

Hiyashi Wakame (Seaweed Salad)
Chawan Mushi (steamed egg)
Beef Tataki

and also
Dessert >> Kori Azuki(red bean shaved ice, ice cream)
Drinks >> Green tea, water and soft drinks

Can eat for 2 full hours. Book now.>>

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