Grandmother made her granddaughter sell Traditional Thai dessert shop Passing on the original deliciousness without changing

Grandmother made her granddaughter sell Traditional Thai dessert shop Passing on the original deliciousness without changing
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Who likes to eat Thai desserts as well? Pang recommends this shop. Grandmother made her granddaughter sell An ancient Thai dessert shop with a concept as the name suggests. Grandma will be a baker. As for grandchildren, they will pass on deliciousness. Let us try to buy it. There are many menus to try. Pay attention to every step from choosing banana leaves. until reaching the package selection Whether you want to buy, eat or buy for souvenirs, it’s great. Let’s see which snacks to eat today. Let’s see.

Grandmother made her granddaughter sell Delicious Thai dessert shop that doesn’t just look good but still retains the original delicious taste without changing This restaurant is located in Ari Soi 1, easily visible. There are many Thai desserts to choose from. Each day there will be some menus that are not the same. Every menu says that it’s delicious, the old version according to Grandma’s recipe. The price ranges from 100 digits to 1,000 baht depending on the size of the package and handmade products, paying attention to every step, very worthwhile.

Today, Pang chooses to taste about 4 menus. The first menu is coconut milk dessert. It’s the same candy with boiled snacks The only difference is that the boiled dessert is mixed with coconut. But Kanom Ko is topped with coconut milk. Fragrant coconut milk colorful sticky dough Use natural colors, sweet fillings, salty coconut milk, the tip of the tongue, a mild smell, very satisfying.

Sweets with stuffing, a best seller menu at Grandma’s shop. Let me tell you that it’s gone very quickly. The highlight of the filling is that it will be very sweet and fragrant. not too sweet The outside dough is fragrant and delicious. Eating with a full mouthful is satisfying.

I love this box of layered snacks. The colors are colorful and look appetizing. Grandma made a beautiful flower shape. You can feel the delicacy and care. Below is a layered dessert base. Taste it, it’s a little sweet, just right. Soft, chewy, smooth texture. Enjoy eating in a moment. The whole box is gone.

Sticky rice with banana filling and taro filling. Used as a traditional formula for glutinous rice. It is another menu that has been spread by word of mouth that it is delicious! Try to eat and it’s soft, sticky, sweet, salty, full of oily taste, a little sweet, just right. filled with bananas not too messy For those who like to eat boiled rice, I recommend it.

apart from tasting Grandma’s shop makes grandchildren sell. They still have a lot of other Thai desserts on the menu, including banana desserts, pumpkin custard, and fresh sago. Variety, not unique at all The most delicious big pieces

Grandmother made her granddaughter sell Anyone who visits this shop in the Ari area Don’t forget to try and support each other. Some menus are hard to find, but the shop still sells them, which is very good, inheriting and preserving the Thai dessert culture as well. come add sweetness to have power to work with Grandma’s handcrafted sweets

Grandma’s shop made grandchildren sell Ari Soi 1
Open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

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