Ya Lek Pad Thai – Fried Oysters Ancient recipe, legendary for over 60 years. So delicious that customers are willing to stand and wait!

Ya Lek Pad Thai – Fried Oysters Ancient recipe, legendary for over 60 years. So delicious that customers are willing to stand and wait!
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Hello everyone Pad Thai line, fried oysters come together here. Let me tell you that it’s very cool! Ya Lek Pad Thai – Fried Oysters It’s an old Pad Thai restaurant. that inherited the ancient formula from great-grandfather Thonglor who rowed boats for sale in Khlong Bang Si Thong and raised and sold on land Grandma Lek is known as a living legend. They have a slogan that says “super slow, super delicious” which is not exaggerated! Let’s see how delicious it is.

Ya Lek Pad Thai – Fried Oysters Pad Thai restaurant, ancient recipe, legendary, very slow, but so delicious that customers are willing to stand and wait! Even though it’s small, but the customers are sure. This shop is located in Soi Makro Rama 5. The size is not very big. But can be clearly seen because of the elegant yellow front façade Every time you pass by, you will find that there are a lot of cars parked. People are always waiting to eat So we have to prove it a bit!

Entering the restaurant, we will be able to smell the aroma of Pad Thai with fried oysters throughout the restaurant. Grandma Lek herself made every dish, freshly fried, fresh, hot, dish by dish, so delicious that the customers had to give up their rank. Even though it’s slow, it’s delicious for a long time. Let me tell you. Try the batter, both pad thai and fried clams. The most delicious face

Pad Thai with fresh prawns, the first dish that I wait patiently. After eating it, it’s a rumor. intense taste almost no need to improve It’s mellow, a little spicy, tastes like big prawns, very bouncy. The restaurant selects fresh ingredients. All that big As for the noodles that were stir-fried, they were soft and chewy. Mixed with fresh tamarind sauce Delicious, mellow without seasoning.

The next menu is fried oysters, a great recipe. I will tell you that the fried oysters are able to choose the crispiness you want. Grandma Lek can do it all. Will it be very crispy or will it be soft? Can be fried without oil eat and not greasy Importantly, this menu Grandma Lek has packed a lot of clams. The clams that don’t shrink, big clams, no fishy smell. Eat together with grandma’s chili sauce. It goes together very well.

Ya Lek Pad Thai – Fried Oysters Pang tells me who is Pad Thai, the ancient recipe. must come to eat at this restaurant Even if you wait in line for a long time But the taste of the food that I have tasted tells me that I agree. I really want to bless the oyster rank. Who doesn’t eat fried oyster Pad Thai? They also have crispy omelettes. Basil is ready to serve with water. Come and try it quickly!

Ya Lek Pad Thai with Fried Oysters In Soi Makro Rama 5
Open every day except Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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