Wagyu Omakase by Teppen Kirabi Review

Wagyu Omakase by Teppen Kirabi Review

Omakase, complete with teppanyaki flavors, must try! Wagyu Omakase by Teppen Kirabi Seriously, the first time I heard the name. I thought the menu would be purely Wagyu style, but actually the menu is quite diverse. And since the original shop is already a teppan line Omakase is full of teppanyaki.

I personally quite like it. The menu is as diverse as snacks, sushi, meat, oysters and foie gras, meaning that we can try teppanyaki with many types of meat, many touches.

Cold chawanmushi Uni Ikura Starter menu Omakase Fresh start first. This word is steamed egg topped with uni ikura and sweetness from the sauce.

Today’s Carpaccio Madai Sashimi The bottom is supported by radishes, crispy and soft from Madai fish. It has the scent of orange peel. and the sourness of the sauce

Salad Crab miso sauce Vegetable salad served with kanimiso sauce. Crispy vegetables meet with fragrant crab sauce. It’s just perfect. If you have hot Japanese rice with this dish, faint!

Kuroge Wagyu & Uni Sushi Wagyu beef that just flew in from Japan yesterday. Put it on the rice and burn lightly, it’s soft, but still needs to be chewed. It doesn’t melt away. Anyone who likes it soft, but can chew and like it for sure. Topped with uni and caviar.

Oyster white wine sauce, oysters from Mie Prefecture fried in butter, seasoned with salt and pepper. Finished off with white wine to add aroma. Served with stir-fried spinach in butter The oysters are perfectly cooked. The smell of oyster is complete, but just right, not fishy.

Foie gras Red wine sauce, a piece of foie gras that fills your mouth with a mouthful, grilled and fragrant, eat with orange sauce and red wine sauce. It makes eating fresh and not very greasy. Pang likes orange sauce very much, very good.

Kuroge Wagyu Ishigaki sirloin eaten with salt Which they will give 2 things to choose from each person. Powder chooses Hanashio. (properly salted salt) and Akanejio from the Andes Mountains (salty and umami) served with ayame soy sauce, sweet sauce, try many kinds of dips, delicious, touch a bit of wasabi too, just perfect.

Garlic rice & soup Garlic fried rice is the end of the savory dish. I would say that the stir-fry is very good. Served with soup. How to eat is to eat half first. Then put the soup down until it becomes porridge. Dried and eaten as boiled rice I would say that personally, I like boiled rice more, it’s lighter because at that time I was already full, haha.

Homemade Raw chocolate & Rare cheese This one is the best. People who love desserts like powder, this is screaming. Rare cheese is very good. Intense but just right Eating together with fresh chocolate with a mild whiskey aroma is very good.

Prices per person range from 3,999++, 5,999++ and 8,999++ baht. The restaurant is located on the 53rd floor of Banyan Tree Hotel, Sathorn.

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