Review of Villa De Bear, a delicious restaurant in Ratchaphruek area with a chilling atmosphere

Review of Villa De Bear, a delicious restaurant in Ratchaphruek area with a chilling atmosphere

Everyone, today Pang will invite everyone to eat at Villa De Bear, the coolest restaurant in Ratchapruek area. Let me tell you that the atmosphere is very good. There are both indoor and outdoor seats. For this restaurant, if talking about it, it must be reminded of the cute bear. A favorite for both children and adults. Appeared with a loud scream

Indoor seats, cool air conditioning, spacious seats

The outdoor seats are said to be very chilling. The atmosphere can be both family, friends and lovers. It is the evening air with a cool breeze. It’s really good.

In addition to the most chilled seats There is also a large karaoke room here. Called to come together as a gang, no matter how many people come together, it’s not a problem. But must reserve a room first. It’s full and I don’t know.

before looking at the food Let me tell you about the attention to customers first.
I personally like this a lot. like he cares about us
? Power Bank can be borrowed to charge mobile phones.

? The women’s bathroom has mouthwash, rubber bands and sanitary napkins.

??‍♂️ The men’s bathroom has a hair fotset, candy, rubber bands, mouthwash, toothpicks.

Let’s take a closer look at what the powder has tasted.
?Meal Set 1,999 baht ?
You can choose 1 dish of each type of food. Flour is selected as follows.

1. Snapper with Chili Sauce Let me tell you that this dish impressed me so much that I was wanting to eat it and this dish was delicious. The fish was fresh and sweet, the size was just right. The sauce that is poured is sour and sweet, the amount is just right, I can eat all of it, there is nothing left of this dish >

2. Stir-fried crab meat with black pepper 5 dashes. This dish is crab meat that is just right to eat. Not too small, not too big, fresh meat, sweet, lightly scented with black pepper.

3. Grilled pork neck salad This dish pleases the spicy salad. The taste of spicy salad is just right. Not too spicy or too sour, everyone can eat. Grilled pork neck is tender and delicious.

4. Stir-fried Broccoli with Shrimp Paste Sauce original stir-fry Add color with shrimp fat. Add oiliness and aroma to stir-fried vegetables well.

5. Four-color hot pot This pot says it’s very big. and the machine is very tight, mom is shockingly tight How do you eat them all? Hahahaha. There are lots of dishes including shrimp, squid, fish, and liver. Let me tell you, each dish is huge and huge. As for the dipping sauce, there are 3 options to choose from: suki sauce, seafood sauce. and soy bean sauce

In addition to set meals I have to order a little more powder.
Small Crab Fried Rice (699 baht) Crab fried rice with crab on top of the dish, so called crab fried rice. This dish can be enjoyed by everyone, children and adults alike.

1 fragrant coconut (70 baht) The coconut juice here is very big, full of juice, soft texture.

sweet passion blend (110 baht) passion fruit smoothie very fragrant passion fruit Sour is delicious, mellow, very refreshing.

Italian Soda (130 baht) This dough comes in 2 flavors, strawberry and apple. Eat and feel very fresh.

Warm Chocolate Lava (230 baht). This dish can lick the plate, licking the plate, haha. Normally, Pang likes to eat this menu. But there are few shops that will satisfy the powder. Well, this cake is not messy, the filling is full of flavor, a little bit bitter, a little sweet. Eat together with the fruits and the ice cream that comes with it. So satisfying.

villy mousse (130 baht), a very cute bear mousse, chocolate flavor, very smooth texture. There is a flavor cut with sour and sweet strawberry sauce, very perfect.

tubie mousse (130 baht) taro flavored mousse, smooth texture, just right sweetness.

1 box of cookies (145 baht) This one is very suitable for buying as a gift for the New Year. Cute package, good size.

If anyone is interested, you can reserve a table at
Number 098-496-6245 or
Number 02-403-1515
LINE Official : @villadebear (with @)

?Villa De Bear, Ratchaphruek Road, Bangkok
⏰ time
Mon-Fri : 17.00-24.00
Sat-Sun : 11.00-24.00
Holidays : 11.00-24.00

ร้านอาหาร VILLA DE BEAR

Closed until 11:00 (UTC+7)

5 ถ. ราชพฤกษ์ แขวงบางระมาด อำเภอตลิ่งชัน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10170






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