Tsukiji Fish Market is a Japanese fish market that avid eaters shouldn’t miss!

Tsukiji Fish Market is a Japanese fish market that avid eaters shouldn’t miss!
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If talking about Japan, Many people would miss fresh seafood, whether it’s raw fish, chewy meat, fragrant crab oil, or even crab legs, soft and juicy! Just saying this, everyone’s saliva flowed. So this time, Pang brought her friends to eat, walk, taste, and shop at various food sources at Tsukiji Market, the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in Japan and the world! This is another landmark that anyone who comes to Tokyo must visit. Let’s say who an enslaved person who loves juicy seafood is. You will like it!

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the most popular fish markets among Japanese people. And foreign tourists have been Open for service since 1935 or nearly a hundred years old. Plus, it’s in the heart of Tokyo as well. This is considered a wholesale fish market. And the largest seafood in Japan and the largest in the world! Who is looking for a new seafood source? With countless selections to choose from. Most importantly, the price is also friendly to the wallet. So, of course, it has to be here!

They are reputed to be the largest fish market in Tokyo. The liveliness here is second to none. Although now some of the shops inside the market have been moved. But the outer shops, like villagers’ markets, still sell their products. Throughout the walk in this area, there will be fresh seafood. Please give us a lot to choose from. You can stop by to leave your stomach at this fish market whenever you are hungry. This is, therefore, the leading destination for tourists.

As we said, Outside shops are still open. The outside is filled with more than 400 restaurants, primarily fresh seafood. Complete on both sides. It’s called having a shop to stop by without taking a break. Very lively Some shops can negotiate the price as well. Anyone who has this skill can tell that it’s trendy. So get to eat fresh seafood from the sea at a reasonable price.

In the main menu of the most popular here. The sushi and sashimi menus, especially the fish dishes here, are fresh, delicious, and inexpensive. Or even the seafood menu, Hotate, fresh uni, juicy grilled crab. It’s equally good quality. There are also Japanese fruits. Appetizing colors Line up to choose from as well. Who is the fruit type? Stop by here and say that you are satisfied!!

Tsukiji Fish Market, Japanese Fish Market, Seafood


After walking for a while, my stomach started to get hungry. Because I could smell the good smell of grilled seafood, We couldn’t resist stopping by to have our stomachs at Kouragumi, with a menu of rice dumplings. A large dough set is mixed with fish, roe, and uni. A large bowl is 2,000 yen (about 514 baht), two eel sticks are 800 yen each (about 205 baht), grilled Taraba crab is 3,000 yen (about 771 baht), squid is 600 yen ( about 154 baht), grilled crab meat 600 yen (about 154 baht) I can say that this meal is the most satisfying!!!

Tsukiji Fish Market, Japanese Fish Market, Seafood


Another dessert that can’t be missed. I want to hurry up and eat a lot when I see it. That’s Khai Waan. You heard it right, everyone. Sweet yellow egg, a huge piece, very big, full of mouthfuls. We bought it from Shouro, a famous sweet egg shop. It comes in a box type, priced at 750 yen (about 192 baht), and combines many fillings that can be enjoyed cold and delicious. If you go, you must try it.

Matcha Stand Maruni

Before ending up at this fish market. Another thing that Pang would like to recommend when anyone comes to Japan. Don’t miss out on the green tea menu! Come to Japan. If you miss green tea, you haven’t arrived yet! The shop where the powder comes to eat is Matcha Stand Maruni, an excellent Japanese green tea shop. The powder I ordered was a hot and iced matcha latte. The taste was intense, everyone. A little sweet, just right. Smells excellent with matcha. Green tea lovers should not miss it.


For Tsukiji Fish Market, anyone who is an avid foodie can tell you to come! This is the 7th heaven for seafood lovers. It’s like bringing the Hokkaido Sea to the market. Importantly, it’s convenient to travel. Take the train for a short time. This fish market is another destination that should be visited once. Pang recommends coming early, around 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Good atmosphere, less people, comfortable walk, more food to choose from

Tsukiji Outer Market

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