Torikatsu Chicken, homey style tonkatsu restaurant Taste of Shibuya

Torikatsu Chicken, homey style tonkatsu restaurant Taste of Shibuya
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Is there anyone who likes to eat the tonkatsu menu like us? The more you eat, while it’s hot, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. This is enough to make me feel like I Made my day of the day! Visit Shibuya this time. So let’s stop by to discover the favorite flavor of Tonkatsu here. Torikatsu Chicken, a well-known Tonkatsu restaurant, has been selling for over 30 years. Rich aromatic tonkatsu sauce with good mellow flavored soup. It’s delicious with every bite.

Torikatsu Chicken

A small tonkatsu shop is Located on a hill on top of a building called Miyakoji. If coming from Shibuya Station, it takes 3 minutes to walk. Entering the shop, we will find a warm, homey atmosphere with few seats to eat. It will come in the form of a bar counter. When walking into the shop, you will hear your uncle’s voice. Auntie shouted welcome as well. And is also a person who cooks for you to eat. Get the feel like eating with family

You are secretly whispering that the menu at this restaurant does not have an English menu. They are all in Japanese, so focus on using google translate >< The menu here includes Torikatsu (fried chicken), Tonkatsu (fried pork), ham, Ika fried (fried squid), and croquettes. You can choose as you like. The price is also cute, starting at only 700 yen.

Torikatsu Chicken shibuya japan

Ordered flour as a menu, fried pork (Tonkatsu), and croquettes of 750 yen (191 baht) served as a set.
With Japanese rice side dish is shredded cabbage and hot soup. The pork comes in big pieces. Fry until golden brown, crispy, thin crust, and you can feel the crispiness! The pork inside is soft, juicy, and not dry and hard. It’s good to eat with the restaurant’s sauce. Not too sweet, Or lightly sprinkle salt. Eat for nothing. It’s delicious!

Come in the croquette section. It’s equally delicious. The outside is coated with some flour. You can eat it and get the taste of creamy. It reminds me of my childhood! Anyone who likes it may enjoy eating until the end of the plate. But for us, we keep eating. Secretly greasy, I recommend pouring the sauce to eat with a lot more delicious. Another dish I ordered is ham. Thin, crispy 750 yen (191 baht) delicious. Enjoy eating.


Is it worth the anointing for anyone hesitating whether to eat well or not? We said come on. Worth a visit. If anyone wants to escape from the busy big city, I like the atmosphere of going to eat homey food. Torikatsu is another restaurant that I would like to recommend. Comfortable price: You can eat delicious food like Mother’s Hand Full and delicious. With here!

Torikatsu Chicken Shibuya

Open until 20:00 (UTC+7)

ญี่ปุ่น 〒150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Dōgenzaka, 2-chōme−16−19 都路ビル 2F






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