Review of TORA YAKINIKU X Cafe, a magnificent buffet like Omakase

Review of TORA YAKINIKU X Cafe, a magnificent buffet like Omakase

TORA YAKINIKU X Cafe, BBQ buffet restaurant which is full of both savory and sweet, celebrating its 5th anniversary, organizing a special year-end campaign The fun is coming to eat buffet. But the caretaker like VIP accepts only 12 people per round, can eat for 120 minutes!

That’s special Let’s see what’s what.


  • Wagyu Kagoshima A4 (regular price 990 baht) – Zabuton (loin of neck) level A4 is marbled fat. Won the gold medal at the National Wagyu Cattle Competition in Japan in 2017.
  • Wagyu Sendai A5 (regular price 1,090 baht) – A5 grade Karubi (tail ribs) Wagyu beef fed Sasanishiki rice, Japan’s top rice. and drinking water from pure natural water sources of Sendai city Miyagi Prefecture
  • F1 Wagyu Super Karubi (regular price 990 baht) – Brisket Rib (Beef Belly) Level MS 6/7 is a crossbreed of Japanese Wagyu and Australian Wagyu. with breeding Makes the meat soft, fragrant and tender.
  • Royal Shiro Gyūtan (regular price 990 baht) – Shiro Tan (middle-bottom) meat, which is only 30% of a beef tongue. Selected from special grade cows only It is the part that has a lot of fat inserted. Sprinkled with special salt for grilling from Okinawa Prefecture.
  • Kurobuta Kagoshima (from 1,090 baht) – Boston Butt (top shoulder), the best black pork in Japan. Rare to find in Thailand, pork is fed with sweet potatoes from Kagoshima and eaten with miso sauce from Takayama.
  • Mottainai Wagyu Lamb (regular price 1,090 baht) – Ribeye Fillet (Ribeye) is lamb from organic farms in Australia. fed olive oil and carrots Makes the meat soft and smells less musty.


The sushi menu uses a special strain of rice, Yume Mizuho, cooked with red vinegar fermented from sake lees. Eat with soy sauce from Kumamoto. Special recipe of the Hamadaya family. with a history of more than 2 centuries

Kaiseki don (Signature Menu) (Regular price 690 baht) 8 Week Dry Aged Wagyu Beef, Medium Rare Grilled with Special Sauce. Topped with uni (bafun).

Ankimo (regular price 590 baht) Anko cod liver is likened to the foie gras of the sea. Served with thinly sliced salmon and ponzu sauce.

Otoro (regular price 390 baht) The belly of bluefin tuna (Hon Maguro) is the fattest part.

Chutoro – The back of the belly. of bluefin tuna (Hon Maguro) is the medium fat part.

Akami Zuke – Red meat of bluefin tuna (Hon Maguro) zuke (marinated) with a special sauce.


A menu where the chef will select the best seasonal ingredients to serve in the form of omakase sushi, 4 menus per day.

Nama Sujiko – fresh salmon roe in membrane Pickled with soy sauce, mirin and sake, flavored with yuzu citrus. from Miyazaki prefecture

Unagi Ochazuke – Grilled Eel with Kabayaki Sauce Eat with Nori mixed rice and Aji Tsubomi (Japanese puffed rice). To eat, pour dashi katsuo broth into a bowl.

Hamachi – yellowtail from the island of Kyushu. Sliced sashimi style with a special jelly sauce. to control fish temperature

Hotate x Karasumi – Hotate from Hokkaido. Grilled with miso sauce simmered with French foie gras and sprinkled with karasumi.


Miyazaki Yuzu Sorbet (Limited 1 Serve/Person) – Yuzu sorbet from Miyazaki Prefecture. Eat with a special recipe of ten thousand fragrant tea jelly.

In addition to this special menu Customers can also choose to eat all the regular buffet menus of the TORA YAKINIKU X Cafe restaurant, more than 125+ items.

Tora Yakiniku x Café

Open until 22:00 (UTC+7)

55/88-89 หมู่บ้านซิตี้ คอนเนค กัลปพฤกษ์ หมู่ที่8 บางขุนเทียน จอมทอง กรุงเทพมหานคร 10150






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