Tong Tong Han, Korean red tent street food in Sathorn area Complete with a fusion style menu!

Tong Tong Han, Korean red tent street food in Sathorn area Complete with a fusion style menu!
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Annyeong everyone! Today, Pang came to please Korean food lovers at Tong Tong Han restaurant in Sathorn area.
Let me tell you that Korea scratched my heart the most. The atmosphere was arranged just like in Korean dramas. Get a crunchy Korean vibe. There are too many fusion-style Korean dishes to choose from. Those unnies are sure to like it.

Tong Tong Han, a famous restaurant with a Korean street food atmosphere. It is a red tent style restaurant with both indoor and outdoor zones. I like the feel of street food sitting outside. The interior of the shop is decorated very cutely, pleasing to the taste buds. Today, I ordered a whole table full of flavors. It’s very pleasing to the hearts of Korean people like me.

Tong Tong Han

Hot pot lovers must try this menu. Budae jjigae(Korean hot pot), soft tofu kimchi soup is good. The taste is intense and spicy, suitable for Thai people’s mouths. As for the menu that has already been recommended, order now. It’s stewed beef drumstick soup. It’s one of the restaurant’s best-selling menu items. The flesh is very tender and tender.

Tong Tong Han

If you have a hot pot, you can’t live without this dish, which is fried chicken! This shop has plenty to choose from. Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken Honey Garlic Fried Chicken Onion Cream Cheese Fried Chicken Mala fried chicken Mixed with rich mabe sauce Eat together and be full. Super compatible

Tong Tong Han

Fried noodles are not enough. Let’s connect the pickle line a little more. Here, they also have pickled menus to choose from. There are pickled salmon, pickled shrimp, pickled squid, large premium ones. intense taste Pickled until meat Eat with rice and seaweed. Pour a little bit of seafood sauce, it’s great.

Stir Fried Pork Belly with Kimchi Hot grilled Korean pork served with fresh vegetables Pour the juicy sauce to add warm fat to the body.

Tong Tong Han

Tong Tong Han, anyone who loves Korean Fever, don’t miss this shop. That is, there are many menus to choose from. Good quality, fresh ingredients. Each menu is deliciously cooked according to the original version. It’s good to come with someone you know, or if you don’t have one, you can bring the gang to sit and eat.

Tong Tong Han Shop, Korean Red Tent On Charoen Rat Road, Sathorn, Rama 3
Open daily from 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.


Closed until 17:00 (UTC+7)

64 ถนน เจริญราษฎร์ แขวงบางโคล่ เขตบางคอแหลม กรุงเทพมหานคร 10120






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