Giant dumpling dim, mom’s great recipe, the original giant dumpling Thin Flour with Firm Filling With delicious grilled pork!

Giant dumpling dim, mom’s great recipe, the original giant dumpling Thin Flour with Firm Filling With delicious grilled pork!
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Spicy Tom Yum Noodles This shop, Pang said that you should not miss it! Today, Pang stopped by at Yaowarat area. Bring friends to eat at a delicious Tom Yum restaurant. Giant dumpling dim, great recipe from Mae, is another legendary restaurant famous for its deliciousness. There are many appetizing food menus. Importantly, the Tom Yum menu here is worth a try. A full bowl of deliciousness from the noodles to the eggs The most outstanding thing is the dumplings, big pieces, firm, thin, very appetizing. What did you order today? Let’s have a look.

Giant Dim Dumplings, Mother’s Recipe This shop will be near the entrance of Soi Wat Mangkon. (Leng Neey Yi) Charoen Krung Road. Anyone who takes the MRT can get off at Wat Mangkon station and walk straight there. The shop will be an eye-catching red-green color. not difficult to see a bit crowded When arriving, you will see the outstanding menu clearly in front of the shop.

This restaurant has a wide menu to choose from. Both noodles and appetizers There is a small bowl menu that is full. until reaching a large bowl the size of an emperor Ordering a large bowl is afraid that it will be too big. Today, we have arranged only 3 outstanding menus that are moderately priced.

Spicy Egg Salad with Minced Pork It’s a menu that has arrived. You have to order. The shop uses large duck eggs, firm meat, boiled until it turns into a soft, greasy rubbery texture. topped with minced pork mixed with spicy salad dressing Perfectly delicious

Three Sahai Noodles + Creamy Eggs Tom Yum Tom Yum noodle lovers will surely like this menu! Sticky and soft noodles are good. Top with meatballs, bouncy pork, minced pork. The shop uses real pork without flour. Get the full taste of pork Topped with Tom Yum Soup Completely delicious For those who like strong spicy flavors, it is recommended to cook more spicy.

Save the last menu too. Dried Wonton Noodles+Mixed Pork+Egg This bowl is a very precise bowl. Especially the giant sheet dumplings, huge pieces, thin crust, full of filling as the name suggests. There are pork dumplings, shrimp dumplings, and giant dumplings. Delicious. Put tightly in every style. Eat with greasy eggs from the shop. Sour, spicy, black, good, very delicious!

How are you doing? Giant Dim Dumplings, mom’s favorite recipe. This restaurant is famous for serious dumplings. In addition, the restaurant also has a special grilled pork rice bowl. The fragrance is very provocative. But we have to brake first. because my stomach is about to explode Anyone who visits the Temple of the Dragon Come and try this restaurant. Or you can order delivery as well. Every bowl is corked.

  • Giant dumpling dim restaurant, Mae’s great recipe, Yaowarat branch
  • Open daily from 10.00-18.30

Tim Dumpling ติ๋มเกี๊ยวยักษ์ สูตรเด็ดแม่ สาขาเยาวราช

Open until 19:30 (UTC+7)

452 ถ. เจริญกรุง เเขวงสัมพันธวงศ์, เขตสัมพันธวงศ์ กรุงเทพมหานคร 10100






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