Giant egg tom yum noodle “Than Khun”, great recipe, spicy, delicious, big pieces of eggs

Giant egg tom yum noodle “Than Khun”, great recipe, spicy, delicious, big pieces of eggs

Today, bring everyone to eat. Tom Yum Noodle with Giant Egg Preserved Giant Egg Let me tell you that one bowl is full. The best thing is the Tom Yum soup. Intense and spicy You can order either soft-boiled giant eggs or virgin giant eggs. Or you can order both in one bowl. Fragrant tom yum condiments, minced pork.

Giant Egg Tom Yum Noodle “Than Khun” Tom Yum Noodle Shop, a great recipe, tells about deliciousness, located at Amnuay Songkhram Road. Inside the shop is not very big. It is advisable to hurry to eat before noon because the queue here is the most. If you go during noon – afternoon, you may have to wait a bit. But the spiciness is worth the price. Let’s see what we ordered today!

Today’s first menu Vermicelli Noodles Tom Yum with Double Egg Tired of noodles Today, I try to order vermicelli. very concentrated delicious Hot Tom Yum soup, full of ingredients, 2 types of eggs, both soft-boiled eggs and century eggs It’s also wrapped with a big bouncy pork. One bowl is very cork!

The next menu is the powder that I ordered. Wide Rice Noodles Yentafo Tom Yum Soup with Double Egg This restaurant is making Yentafo Tom Yum and it’s very satisfying. It’s Nam Yen Ta Fo, made by myself. Spicy, spicy, sour, sweet, perfect. It’s delicious, not allergic to Tom Yum. Anyone who is Yentafo must try.

before eating noodles Don’t forget to order side dishes to eat together. Fried dumplings, freshly fried, crispy, not rancid at all. Eat as an appetizer or eat with the main meal, it’s delicious!

I would like to say that both chili and beans from the shop are roasted by myself. What I love is that there is orange juice that the shop squeezes by itself without any additives. Natural orange juice, orange pulp, full of orange juice

Giant Egg Tom Yum Noodle “Khun Khun”, another delicious Tom Yum restaurant that can be said that The deliciousness is definitely second to none. No matter how many times I visit, the shop is always crowded with people. Most importantly, the price is also friendly. Starting at only 40 baht per bowl. Anyone who likes to eat eggs can add only 10 baht more. must try

  • Tom Yum Noodle, Giant Egg, Than Khun, Dusit District
  • Open every day except Saturday-Sunday from 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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