Copper Noodles The newest premium brand Raise the boat noodle menu to another level!

Copper Noodles The newest premium brand Raise the boat noodle menu to another level!
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Anyone who is a fan of the Copper Buffet buffet restaurant probably knows that. One of the most popular menus Stuck at the legendary level for more than 6 years that no one can take down, that is “Wagyu Beef Boat Noodles” or Copper Boat Noodles A menu that many people pour their hearts into as one of the standing menus. whoever it is Everyone was waiting in the queue anxiously. At this time, Copper decided to make a new brand called Copper Noodle that captures the signature menu like boat noodles. Bring it to serve at the shop as a stand alone. Add a degree of premium Let everyone taste the special taste than before.

Copper Noodles

Copper Noodles : A new brand from Copper Buffet Group.

“Copper Noodle”, also known as “Air Boat Noodles” This restaurant is affiliated with Copper International Buffet and serves perfectly premium deliciousness. both upgrading good quality raw materials create an extension of the flavor to come out to have more dimensions The specialty of the restaurant is that it uses concentrated soup, ancient recipes, and meticulously crafts every menu. Until both the fragrance is mellow Unique taste that is difficult to imitate.

What’s interesting is not just the menu. He comes with an unusual atmosphere inside the shop, not Boat Noodles like other restaurants. But designed with the concept of The Airship, high ceilings openness It’s like sitting and eating in a luxury airship according to the theme ever. Feel the aura of the finest Copper style boat noodles, one of the best in Bangkok.

Type of Noodles Copper Noodle Shop

In the components of the copper boat noodle menu. There are 4 types of noodles to choose from here: rice noodles, thin noodles, egg noodles, and Japanese vermicelli. Anyone who likes any type of line can arrange it according to their convenience. But if I had to recommend it would be egg noodles. unique Small, sticky, soft noodles. Chew deliciously, fight your teeth. with premium grade meat imported from Japan Guaranteed softness that almost melts in your mouth. plus concentrated soup Fragrant aroma of herbs. As for the spiciness, there are 2 levels to choose from. For the boat noodle we try level 2, it’s just right. Smells lightly roasted peppers.

Copper Noodles
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9 menus at Copper Noodle Shop Not to be missed!

For the menu of Copper Noodle Shop There are quite a variety to choose from. whether the main dish such as boat noodles Or it will be appetizers and desserts, but today we have selected 9 menus that you want to try. What will be there? Let’s see.

Copper Noodles

Japanese Wagyu Beef Boat Noodle A5 (699 baht)

This dish tells me that the main character of the shop is very much. big slab And very soft and smooth, that is, chewing, very soft and smooth The soup will be served in a kettle. You can pour it into the bowl as you like. The taste of the soup will be mellow. Pour on to get the ripeness of the meat that is just right. Easy to drink. Smooth. There is concentration. This one will not be seasoned with sour and spicy. Sai Copper boat noodles should not be missed.

Copper Noodles New brand from Copper buffet

Dried Noodles with Australian Angus Sirloin with 4 Musketeers (329 baht)

This bowl is ordered as Japanese vermicelli. sticky Bounce against real teeth For Japanese Vermicelli The price will add an additional 19 baht and if ordered dry, there will be a clear sweet soy sauce. As for the machine, there are 4 musketeers, there will be beef meatballs. Stewed Beef Tendon, Stewed Beef Cheek, and Stewed Beef Tongue Personally, I like the cheeks a lot. Cheeks are so soft that they almost melt in your mouth. The taste is delicious in a way that does not require additional cooking.

Copper Noodles

Dry-aged Australian Sirloin Beef Noodles with 4 Musketeers (399 baht)

This dish we ordered as noodles. with novelty Boiled noodles are good. Their noodles are small. Looks like Mama line Who likes noodles, want you to try. In dry style, they will mix the noodles with sweet soy sauce. The smell of sweet soy sauce is quite obvious. If anyone doesn’t like sweet soy sauce Maybe try a soup menu. As for the 4 musketeers, there will be beef meatballs. Stewed Beef Tendon, Stewed Beef Cheek, and Stewed Beef Tongue

S-Pure 5 Musketeers S-Pure Boat Noodle Namtok Moo Tun (249 baht)

The pork here uses S-Pure. The pork has just the right amount of fat. soft texture, easy to chew It goes well with the soup. As for this bowl, let me tell you that the taste is intense and intense. The flour ordered spicy level 2 can still be eaten comfortably. The 5th musketeer consists of pork balls, stewed pork cheeks, pork liver pole, pork liver, and pork tendon. I want to bless the rank of pork liver very much in this bowl. Blanched and cooked just right. Bite into it and feel the tenderness. not hard at all

Copper boat noodles

Volcanic Grilled Australian Angus Sirloin Salad (299 baht)

If you love meat and spicy salad, you should order this dish. Their meat comes in a large plate. mouth full When chewing, you will get the fragrance that they burn the fire. It’s delicious. Get the taste of the most spicy spicy salad Cut greasy very well. Fresh.

Basil 4 Musketeer Rice + Fried Duck Egg (299 baht)

Spicy basil flavor, full of meat. Fragrant garlic pepper smell. The top is topped with fried duck eggs, crispy egg whites and uncooked egg yolks. Eat together with the meat. Stewed Beef Tendon, Stewed Beef Cheek, and Stewed Beef Tongue

Copper Noodles New brand from Copper buffet

Dragon Egg (Homemade Shrimp Balls) (149 baht)

This is a shrimp ball made by the restaurant itself. Chewing down, you can feel the shrimp in pieces. The meat is a bit light. Order to eat. or as an appetizer on the side Paired with the main menu, it’s delicious and mellow. get along well

Copper Noodles

Truffle Cup Dessert (39 baht per cup)

This one is weird but I want you to try it. Because the famous item of Copper Buffet is Truffle Mushroom Soup This one brought a fusion with a cup of snacks. considered very new Brought as a dessert at a boat noodle restaurant It’s called soft and smooth. mellow taste Light truffle scent

Andaman Pearl (189 baht)

This one is very sweet for people because the taste of Bingsu is smooth. Just right sweet, cool, refreshing, good smell of cat’s milk Comes with Kanom Ko which is filled with sweet coconut. The top is topped with tender young coconut. It can be said that they are very compatible. It’s a good ending.

Summary of Copper Noodle Shop

For anyone who likes the perfect combination of deliciousness in the copper edition. Recommended to try the new shop. Copper Noodles which this shop gives us a new experience that elevates the premium of boat noodles, really special including the selection of a variety of raw materials Improve the formula to be more unique. In conclusion, if anyone has not tried it yet Let’s experience the delicious taste from today onwards. Big fans of Copper Buffet don’t miss it!

  • Copper Noodle G Floor The Sense Pinklao
  • Open every day except Monday from 11.30 – 20.30

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