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Copper Noodles The newest premium brand from Copper Buffet

Anyone who is a fan of the Copper Buffet buffet restaurant probably knows that. One of the most popular menus Stuck at the legendary level for more than 6 years that no one can take down, that is “Wagyu Beef Boat Noodles” or Copper Boat Noodles A menu that many people pour their hearts into as one of the standing menus. whoever it is Everyone stood and waited in the queue anxiously. At this time, Copper decided to make a new brand called Copper Noodle that captures the signature menu like boat noodles. Bring it to serve at the shop as a stand alone. Add a degree of premium Let everyone taste the special taste than before.
Copper Noodles : A new brand from Copper Buffet Group.
“Copper Noodle”, also known as “Air Boat Noodles” This restaurant is affiliated with Copper International Buffet and serves perfectly premium deliciousness. both upgrading good quality raw materials create an extension of the flavor to come out to have more dimensions The specialty of the restaurant is that it uses concentrated soup, ancient recipes, and meticulously crafts every menu. Until both the fragrance is mellow Unique taste that is difficult to imitate.
What’s interesting is not just the menu. He comes with an unusual atmosphere inside the shop, not Boat Noodles like other restaurants. But designed with the concept of The Airship, high ceilings openness It’s like sitting and eating in a luxury airship according to the theme ever. Feel the aura of the finest Copper style boat noodles, one of the best in Bangkok.

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