Apollo Bean Curd Dessert shop with Chinese Beijing style food in Silom area.

Apollo Bean Curd Dessert shop with Chinese Beijing style food in Silom area.

Everyone! Today, Pang brought everyone to eat delicious food at the restaurant. Apollo Bean Curd Silom area. It’s a Chinese style restaurant. comfortable atmosphere Turn on soft music There are both savory and sweet menus, complete in one place. and here also Tofu Mee Xian Legendary menu, very hard to find, old recipe since 1970, which one is Tao Huay, which one is so cool, mom! It will surely please people who like to eat Chinese style food.

Apollo Bean Curd Dessert shop with Chinese style food Let me tell you that the deliciousness is not normal. Feel the taste of mother’s hand It’s a legendary shop with a 50-year-old recipe. It’s been sold since the Agong generation! At the shop, there is a rare menu called Tofu Mee Xian It is a Chinese Yunnan style noodle that is eaten with soybean. Let’s see how delicious it is.

The first menu is Jajangmyeon, Pangking recipe. This menu is the new menu of the restaurant. It sells very well. It is only available on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. It is similar to Korean Jajangmyeon. But the taste will be different. This bowl will be salty, intense, and paired with vegetables. It’s perfect. It’s very mellow. Jaja-chan lovers must try it.

Apollo Bean Curd

Tofu, Minced Pork Noodles Chinese food is hard to find. The lines are chewy. Eat with soft tofu. Topped with Chinese style spicy minced pork. The aroma is very satisfying. It fits perfectly. Anyone who eats spicy food can add more. The machine is as tight as ever. Strange but true delicious

cold soy milk A drink menu that is served together with Soybean and Minced Pork Mee, fresh, fragrant, delicious and refreshing in another way. A little sweet taste is good. You can choose the level of sweetness.

In addition, they also have a dim sum menu. Mellow flavor according to Chinese style. Eat with a good dipping sauce. Every menu is still the secret recipe of Grandma. delicious no change

Apollo Bean Curd Another restaurant with a rare menu. Come back to open for us to taste the deliciousness again. The ingredients at the shop are also imported from China. The interior of the shop is decorated with modern cuteness. Anyone who is a Chinese food lover would recommend bringing them to try.

  • Tao Huay Apollo Silom Soi 3, come into Soi about 300 meters, the shop will be in the alley on the left hand side.
  • Open every day except Sunday from 10.00 – 19.00

เต้าฮวย อะพอลโล : 阿波羅豆花

Open until 19:00 (UTC+7)

9/8 ซอยพิพัฒน์ ซอย สีลม 3 แขวงสีลม เขตบางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500






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