Suzukien x Nanaya, the world’s most concentrated green tea ice cream from Japan!

Suzukien x Nanaya, the world’s most concentrated green tea ice cream from Japan!
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Another delicious restaurant from Asakusa area, not savory but sweet! Ice cream is also one of our favorite desserts, whether hot or cold. And can be eaten every season. This time, let’s taste deliciousness at Suzukien x Nanaya (ななや), a green tea ice cream shop that uses authentic matcha—sent directly from the tea plantations in Shizuoka Prefecture. It comes with seven levels of concentration to choose from. Green tea lovers will love it. If anyone passes through Asakusa And not stopping to eat green tea ice cream is considered not going to this area.

Suzukien x Nanaya Matcha (ななや)

Green tea lovers, I don’t think anyone doesn’t know Nanaya Matcha (ななや), a legendary 7-level matcha gelato shop. Located from Asakusa Station, it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the front of the shop. So a lot of people can’t be bustling. Inside the shop, there will be a variety of products made from green tea for us to choose from. In front is a gelato scoop bar. There are many flavors to choose from. The front menu is easy to read. Both cups and cones are available.

Suzukien x Nanaya, the world's richest green tea ice cream shop

Highlights of the shop that should not be missed. Of course, good green tea gelato. The concentration can be selected up to 7 levels, with a level dubbed “The most concentrated green tea ice cream in the world” that is Matcha premium no—Seven or the concentration level 7 that meets the needs of green tea fanatics like us.

But if anyone doesn’t eat green tea flavor At the shop, other flavors, such as chocolate, milk, and hojicha, are equally delicious.

This time the dough came to eat. The flour is selected as Double Cup, which is two balls, matcha premium no.7 and Hojicha flavor, priced at 720 yen (183 baht, if ordering the premium, it will be more expensive than ordering other flavors).

At the shop, there are both cones and cups. I want to try it as the most potent green tea in the world, which is no.7 in the cup. It’s wildly shouting green. After eating it, I highly recommend it for those who like matcha, not sweet, dark, or fragrant, with a slight bitterness. The texture of the ice cream is soft and smooth. Get the full flavor of green tea Hojicha flavor. It will come out sweeter. The aroma of roasted tea is smooth as well. Eat them together, and it cuts well.


Let’s say for Suzukien x Nanaya, the world’s most fantastic green tea ice cream shop. Everyone believes the powder is dark, but it’s a delicious consistency! The good smell of green tea every time you scoop it. Enjoy eating without feeling greasy at all. For anyone who doesn’t like green tea, robust taste. I was recommended to order No.1 – 4 instead. You will get soft green tea. The mellow taste is good. Anyone who visits the Asakusa area, don’t forget to turn in and try it. I’m sure that Matcha Lovers will fall in love.

Suzukien Asakusa

Closed until 11:00 (UTC+7)

3-chōme-4-3 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0032 ญี่ปุ่น






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