Sukiyaki Kong Prab, Teeded Ladprao – Chokchai 4, best seller for more than 30 years.

Sukiyaki Kong Prab, Teeded Ladprao – Chokchai 4, best seller for more than 30 years.
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It is known as Chokchai area. Let me tell you that this area can’t escape delicious food for sure! Come to Chokchai 4 every now and then, will you miss the delicious food? Today, Pang brought everyone to eat Suki at Kong Prap Suki Restaurant. We heard the name for a long time. It’s a legendary restaurant in Chokchai 4 area. Today I came to try it once. The shop has been open for more than 30 years. Many regular customers can say that come here and try to eat Suki at this restaurant.

Suki Kong Prap, a delicious restaurant that every time I visit Ladprao We will see the queues at this restaurant every time, especially in the evening until the early evening. Say that you may have to wait a little longer. The shop has spacious seats to eat. clear weather As for the suki menu, there are both liquid and dry types with a variety of toppings to choose from. Eat with delicious sauce, the restaurant’s unique recipe. I can only say one word that’s cool.

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In the part of today’s menu that I ordered Try both dry and sour suki, so the first menu will be Oyster Suki People who like to eat oysters will definitely like it. Because the oysters are fresh, very sweet, juicy, full of flavor. Here they cook each bowl, fresh for sure. Eating in the form of suki is delicious in another way. Most importantly, I’m not fat too.

The next dish is a dry menu. Dried Bacon Suki This dish is equally delicious. The bacon came in a massive piece, so it was chewy. mellow delicious The taste is more intense than the water, fragrant, pan smell, bacon is soft and not hard. Anyone who goes to eat recommends trying bacon suki.

At the restaurant, there is not only sukiyaki menu. The menu that a lot of people order equally is Roasted Pork and Roasted Chicken with Rice. It’s delicious, mellow, full and comfortable. In addition, the restaurant also has grilled pork set. Large pieces of marinated pork, delicious and soft on the tongue It is recommended to dip or top with the restaurant’s suki sauce. Concentrated, very impressed.

How are you doing with Suki Kong Prap, a delicious suki restaurant that is loved by Lat Phrao people? Both the flavor of the soup is mellow. The taste is delicious, almost does not need to be extra strong. Along with delicious sauces, delicious recipes that have been binding people’s hearts for more than 30 years, let me tell you that anyone who hasn’t tried it must come and get it!

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