Sri Somchit, a cart steamed bun shop of Charoen Krung Delicious food that has been a favorite for more than 50 years

Sri Somchit, a cart steamed bun shop of Charoen Krung Delicious food that has been a favorite for more than 50 years
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Dumpling lovers come to munch this way! Today, the powder brought me to a small cart steamed bun shop. The deliciousness is not small. This shop is called Sri Somjit, located in Charoen Krung area. Let me tell you that the queue is very long. Whoever saw it had to turn around. Another restaurant that makes steamed buns in Teochew style. It’s hard to find. Those who eat don’t miss it!

Sri Somchit, a food cart shop packed with steamed buns and dumplings, exudes an appetizing aroma along Charoenkrung 22 Road. Although it’s a small cart shop, the queue to buy is just as long. famous shop The best thing about this place is Round Chinese Teochew steamed buns The texture is soft and sticky. Sprinkle with fried garlic and sour sauce, delicious and mellow.


At the restaurant, there are many menus to choose from, including dumplings, salted egg pork buns. Cream buns and taro and ginkgo buns Today we have two delicious menus that are famous for the restaurant. It’s a salted egg pork bun. and steamed dumplings from the restaurant’s recipe

Salted Egg Pork Bun This menu is topped with the same dipping sauce as dumplings. Garlic is sprinkled in clumps, steamed hot and fragrant throughout the restaurant. The steamed bun is soft and fluffy. Inside is minced pork filling seasoned with salted egg yolk for a mellow flavor. The stuffing inside is very tight, dripping with a secret recipe sour sauce. Sprinkle over with fried garlic. Ready to top with chili, eat together, get a strong taste Delicious, perfect, like no other.


Dumplings bigger than expected Comes with filling that is full of words until almost overflowing with flour Topped with sauce and sprinkled with crispy fried garlic, juicy, not afraid of wasting, very satisfying. It is a menu that many people order. Importantly, the price is not expensive, only 6 baht per piece. The mellow taste goes well with the sauce.

Sri Somjit, if anyone likes steamed buns with ancient recipes topped with delicious dipping sauce. Flour recommended to try Steamed buns cart that has reigned deliciousness for more than 50 years, but then we might have to wait a bit. Because there are plenty of people waiting to eat! But if you taste the lang talang, I can tell you that one piece is definitely not enough!

  • Srisomchit shop makes steamed buns Opposite Soi Charoen Krung 22
  • Open every day except Monday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Estimated (or until stocks last)

เจ๊จุ้ย ขนมจีบซาลาเปาโบราณ (ศรีสมจิตร์)

Closed until 15:00 (UTC+7)

877 นี้จงสวัสดี แขวงตลาดน้อย เขตสัมพันธวงศ์ กรุงเทพมหานคร 10100

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