Pork Satay Sommit The legendary old shop for more than 60 years. So delicious that you can’t put it down!

Pork Satay Sommit The legendary old shop for more than 60 years. So delicious that you can’t put it down!

Another great street food restaurant that you see is that you have to rush towards it. Probably inevitable menu pork satay. Just smelling it makes my stomach cry. The more I see the pork satay restaurant. When there is a little bit of meat on it Say it’s the best! Today, powder brought everyone to eat. Pork Satay Sommit Fine money market coordinates big circle This shop is a legendary old shop. It has been open for more than 60 years and is said to be the first owner of the market. original recipe Passed on from generation to generation Deliciousness doesn’t fall!

Pork Satay Sommit

The first pork satay restaurant in Wongwian Yai inherited from generation to generation Selling for more than 60 years, this shop is located in the fine silver market. Just walking into the market, you will smell the fragrant pork satay. The dipping sauce is made meticulously. He marinated pork until soft. Juicy, not dry and hard. fragrant spices When toasting, it’s hot. Makes the deliciousness of the satay beef come out just right. Many people came to eat and were so impressed that they bought many sets to take home. which we do not miss Came all the way and it was full.

Pork Satay Sommit Pork Satay Wongwian Yai

come to this store We have a large set of pork satay, 20 skewered sticks, and toasted bread to eat together as well. The shop will apply aromatic coconut milk before grilling, making the pork satay soft and tender. Fragrant smell of spices and coconut milk, mellow taste. Not too dry, eat it while it’s hot, it’s very good.

will eat pork satay to have a delicious taste Let me tell you that the best thing is in the sauce! Here they have a crema saying “The sweetness from generation to generation” If it’s not pork, it’s probably a sauce! The dipping sauce tastes intense and mellow. a little sweet In the sauce, there will be nuts to chew lightly crunchy. Dipping in the sauce adds double the enjoyment!

Who is not convenient for the thick sauce? You can come and dip it lightly. Maybe it tastes sweet and sour according to the recipe. At the restaurant, vegetables are provided without worrying about the ingredients, such as cucumbers, chili, crispy shallots. Who wants to eat bread, they have it for you to order more. Eat like a big set, complete with the most matching items!

Pork Satay Sommit Pork Satay Wongwian Yai

Who’s in the big circle? Come and try the great taste of Pork Satay Sommit At Wichit Money Market, Soi Taksin 1, you can walk along the smell of grilled satay for a short while and you’ll find, oh, joking! Secretly whispering that before going, I recommend you to check the shop’s page first. for the shop to stop Pork satay lovers should not miss this restaurant.

  • Sommit Pork Satay Wongwian Yai is located in Ngern Wichit Market, Soi Taksin 1.
  • Open Wednesday – Saturday from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM. (or until stocks last)

สมมิตรหมูสะเต๊ะ วงเวียนใหญ่ ตลาดเงินวิจิตร (Sommit Pork Satay Wongwian Yai)

Always Open 24 hours(UTC+7)

ตลาดเงินวิจิตร วงเวียนใหญ่ คลองต้นไทร คลองสาน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10600






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