Sometaro follows in the footsteps of the famous okonomiyaki restaurant in Asakusa.

Sometaro follows in the footsteps of the famous okonomiyaki restaurant in Asakusa.
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When you come to Japan, I want you to try eating Okonomiyaki or Japanese pizza! This time we are still in the Asakusa area as before. It is an area with delicious food. We are waiting for us to anoint in abundance! I used to come here. It would be best to try eating at Sometaro, a popular okonomiyaki restaurant. Most popular among foreign tourists But the shop that Japanese people like to tell you about. It’s called time to come here. There must always be this shop in the List Plan.

What is Okonomiyaki?

Many people may be wondering what is Okonomiyaki? This menu is a menu that we like to call it. Japanese Pizza The main ingredient is wheat flour mixed with water. Mixed with shredded cabbage and favorite meat (such as shrimp, shellfish, squid) when mixed well, It was grilled on an iron pan. Then pour the sauce before eating. It is a food that all genders and ages can eat. The way to do it in each province is different too. It’s a specific recipe for each place. In Japan, you cook the okonomiyaki menu so delicious that you must go along and taste it.

Sometaro Okonomiyaki

As for the Sometaro shop that we stopped by to leave the stomach. Just seeing the storefront, I can feel the old style. And the originality of the shop There is an old Japanese style. It looks like a one-story Japanese wooden house. After entering the store Let me tell you that it gives a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Decorated with vintage decorations, It’s like eating at home with my family.

We choose to reserve seats with mats and soft cushions. In the middle of the table was an iron pan placed. After that, the staff will bring the menu for us. After that, we will prepare raw materials to do it ourselves. With teaching methods and staff to guide

The menu that Pang ordered today. It’s the highlight menu of the restaurant. For example, Gyuuten (cabbage, egg, sliced beef, minced meat) or Okonomiyaki, you can choose the meat you like. There are many types of menus to choose from. The method is easy to prepare. Here they have instructions in English. And an English menu. Mix the ingredients and pour them over the iron pan. The price of this menu is 1,210 yen (about 308 baht).

Wait for a long time, and the dough is cooked just right. Then we switch to the other side and wait for it to be equally cooked. Once done, spread the restaurant’s special sauce on the okonomiyaki—season to your liking. Steps to do yourself Let me tell you that the powder is very fun! As for the taste, I can tell you that it’s not normal. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, A sauce that combines a rich, mellow flavor that goes well together. Full of cabbage and chunky pork, delicious as rumored

Karubi Yakisoba 900 yen (approximately 229 baht). This menu also allows us to make it ourselves as well. It’s straightforward to make. I would say that it smells appetizing once you put it in the pan. It gives you plenty of flavors—sticky and soft noodles. Anyone who has a flour line, I recommend you to order.

Sometaro Okonomiyaki Restaurant japan

The flour secretly ordered is Corn Butter for 550 yen (about 140 baht). Corn stir-fried with fragrant butter is an appetizer. Let’s eat while waiting for the two main dishes to finish frying. Delicious too Or hungry, I don’t know


For those who love Japanese pizza and want to try Okonomiyaki, the secret recipe of the original Japanese, Sometaro is another delicious taste we can easily make ourselves. Double the palatability. Each type of raw material that the shop selects for you is considered fresh and of good quality. Plus, it’s easy to travel here to eat. Not far from Sensoji Temple as well. Anyone who wants to wake up the powder chef recommends it.


Closed until 12:00 (UTC+7)

2-chōme-2-2 Nishiasakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0035 ญี่ปุ่น






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