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So Matcha, T-One Building, Sukhumvit

#SoMatcha, a secret cafe in T-One Building, Sukhumvit
quality green tea Warabimochi is so good!

Everyone! Today, Pang has a secret cafe to recommend. So Matcha shop, T-One building, Sukhumvit area. Actually, it’s not that secret. But I believe that many people probably don’t know yet, haha. Let me tell you that the green tea here is the best. It smells good and uses quality tea leaves. And the good menu that makes me want to come here is warabimochi. Like sitting and watching in front of the counter while doing it Just seeing it makes me want to eat it. Let’s go see what’s going on today.

Warabimochi with Kinako Bean Powder, Warabimochi with Matcha Powder It’s very satisfying to eat when it’s freshly served hot.

Matcha Latte, very fragrant green tea, intense, slightly bitter at the end, but very good. I like it very much.

So Matcha Shop, T-One Building, Sukhumvit
⏰ Open everyday from 08.00-17.30

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