Review Savoey Tha Maharaj, an old restaurant that seafood lovers should not miss

Review Savoey Tha Maharaj, an old restaurant that seafood lovers should not miss

Hello everyone Today, powder will take everyone to eat seafood! Really believe that many People probably have eaten at this restaurant already. And if you say the name, everyone will have to shout, “Oh, of course, the shop that Pang is talking about is Savoey.” Probably not open for this long.

For today, the powder will bring you to eat at the Tha Maharaj branch. Because this branch is very popular. Both family and friends groups, open from 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. And let me tell you that the location of the shop is called the best location of Tha Maharaj. The atmosphere in the evening is very good. There are seats both indoor and outdoor. Plus, there is live music from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. too

In the shop, there will also be an area for the Yangon show. The stove that the shop uses is a smokeless charcoal stove. cause no air pollution

Oh, now let’s take a look at the food and see what’s appetizing.

Grilled lobster (L) 1,000 baht. I can say that it’s very good. Fresh and sweet big prawns grilled on a hot charcoal stove. Take it to dip in spicy seafood sauce. Oh, it’s so satisfying.

Lobster Tom Yum Soup (S) 380 baht, really thick and rich Tom Yum soup. There is a shrimp cut in half. It’s easy to eat and it’s delicious too.

Grilled River Prawns 850 baht Shrimp fat is the best. The meat is bouncy and juicy.

Papaya salad with grilled chicken and sticky rice (S) 175 baht.

Trat sun-dried squid (S) 260 baht. This dish is a must-try for squid lovers. It’s very enjoyable to chew. Satisfied at the eggs, Satisfied at the mustache, hehe

Stir-Fried Cabbage with Fish Sauce (S) 140 baht, a must-order family dish. It is the only vegetable dish that is allowed to be on the table. It is a simple menu that is not easy to make, let me tell you.

Steamed egg squid with lime (S) 290 baht Because her squid eggs are very tight, there are every word, and it’s full of pieces.

Fried snapper with fish sauce 450 baht, very big snapper, fried hot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, sweet and juicy fish with a very big bowl of fish sauce sauce. With spicy salad, eat together with fish, really good taste

Baked rice with pineapple 290 baht. Full of ingredients. Fragrant rice has arrived. Full of pineapple rice. Topped with crab meat, large shrimp and shredded pork.

Stir-Fried Crab with Curry Powder (L) 1,380 baht This is a good one. Big crab, full of meat, fresh, super sweet.

Savored coconut, 180 baht, large coconut Inside is a large sago and bua loi. Cut greasy with coffee shots that are poured before eating.

Bua Loy with crispy flavor, 85 baht. This one is very much loved. Soft Bua Loy, full of grains, topped with hot and cold coconut ice cream. The taste is very smooth. Increase the crunchiness to be chewed with rice crackers.

Kale smoothie 60 baht. This one is really the best. It opens the world hahaha. There is no green smell or anything at all. Really need to order this one

Roselle sashimi 90 baht. Anyone who likes sashimi must try. freshness of okra and come across fizzy And the unique scent is really beautiful.

Andaman 90 baht A drink that is beautiful and delicious. The blue water is blue Hawaiian with basil seeds for a crunchy chew. Below is Yakult cut, super refreshing.

For the Tha Maharaj branch, it is said to be the most beautiful location. Let’s see how big the view is. This is an outdoor zone. The atmosphere in the evening is very good. The wind blows cool. Watch the sunset. Watch the ships go by and the lights of the Chao Phraya River at night

And for anyone who wants to try it They have a total of 9 branches.

  1. Project A-Square Sukhumvit 26 02-020-7462
  2. Chamchuri Square 02-160-5101-2
  3. All Seasons Place 02-654-3334-6
  4. The Mercury Ville Chidlom 02-255-1790-2
  5. Belle Grand Rama 9 02-168-1347-8
  6. Tha Maharaj 02-024-1317
  7. Empire Tower 02-670-1660
  8. Terminal 21 Asok 02-004-2490
  9. Terminal 21 Pattaya 033-252-564

เสวย ท่ามหาราช

Open until 22:00 (UTC+7)

ตึก G ท่ามหาราช ถ. มหาราช แขวงพระบรมมหาราชวัง เขตพระนคร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10200






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