Sao Ping Fried Flour (A Gong), a shop with more than 50 years of history, chewy flour, hard to find!

Sao Ping Fried Flour (A Gong), a shop with more than 50 years of history, chewy flour, hard to find!
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Hello everyone! Today, Pang brought everyone to eat traditional desserts that are hard to find in Bang Rak area. Sao Ping Fried Flour (A Kong) is a fried flour shop. or pastry It’s an ancient dessert of Chinese people. It’s flat, round, juicy filling, fried in a flat pan. There are 2 types of fillings to choose from: soybean and taro. Make the dough, freshly made, no overnight. How sweet and delicious is the taste? Must try.

Sao Ping Fried Flour (A Kong) or Khanom Pia, a Sao Ping pastry shop that has been in Bang Rak for more than 50 years. continuously The trick of the shop that I have to tell you is that owner of Sao Ping Fried dough with a great recipe. The dough is soft, the filling is firm, not harsh. Let’s try both fillings today.

Agong’s flour is freshly made day by day. Don’t be afraid that you will find something overnight. Each piece is carefully made by hand with the utmost attention. At the shop, it will be grilled with a pan to be cooked. There is a slight scorch on the outside. The inside is soft and sticky.

For those of you who are wondering what Sao Ping dessert is, it’s actually a deep-fried rice cake or called in Teochew Chinese. Huang Kwa Pia is made from flour or flour mixed with mashed yam. stuffed with stir-fried sausage Press into sheets to flatten and then fry it.

Let’s start with the first intestine. Sao Bing with taro filling comes hot from the oven. It smells good like an ancient dessert. The inside is firm and supportive. clear taro filling It’s a little sweet. For those who don’t eat sweet It is recommended to have it with a drink or hot tea. It will go together perfectly.

Sao Bing Stuffed with Soybean This one will be less sweet than the taro filling. The texture inside is the same, it is firm, fragrant, nut smell, soft and chewy, not stiff in the neck. Recommended to eat when it’s hot. It’s good. Who hasn’t tried it yet, must try!

Sao Ping Fried Flour (A Kong) I can tell you that it is a true favorite of Bang Rak people. Some people eat from childhood to adulthood. With delicious taste according to the original recipe, no change It’s delicious to eat now. Anyone who wants to order a lot at a time, I recommend you to call in advance. Because some days it sells well until it’s gone quickly. For anyone who visits Bang Rak, don’t forget to come and try it.

  • Sao Ping Fried Flour Shop (A Kong) is in the alley opposite the exit in front of Wat Kaew Chaem Fah.
  • Open every day except Saturday – Sunday from 10.00 – 15.00

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