Saki Club #ของทานเล่น

Saki Club, a classic bakery in Tha Phra area Let me tell you that sweet people must try!

#SakiClub, a classic bakery in Tha Phra area, offers a full menu of desserts to choose from.
Let me tell you that sweet people must try!

The shop has many menus. But today, the powder has tried an eclair. with roll cake

For eclairs or cream puffs, the filling is packed tightly, the filling is a little sweet. The piece came in a perfect fit.

As for the roll cake, there are 4 flavors: coffee, vanilla, pandan leaves, and chocolate.
And there’s also a special roll, a lemon roll and a strawberry roll.
Lemon roll, I can say that you should not miss it in all respects.
Sour stuffing meets the icing on top, very good.

Another thing that I want you to try is Jaya Mirah, a secret recipe of the owner’s housekeeper. That has been made at the owner’s house, Saki Club, has been eating for many years. This one is a little sweet, fragrant, tea, delicious, I want you to try.

Who wants to order snacks? Can be ordered via LINE: @sakiclub (in Bangkok, Samut Prakan and Nonthaburi, shipping fee is 50 baht)
Or order via App Delivery as follows: Robinhood, Line Man, Grab

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