Thai Pandan Roti, a legend of deliciousness for more than 30 years, the best of Wanglang!

Thai Pandan Roti, a legend of deliciousness for more than 30 years, the best of Wanglang!
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Dessert lovers must try this restaurant! Roti Thai Bai Toey, Wang Lang Market is a legendary shop that has been open for more than 30 years. It is a small cart shop on the sidewalk of Wang Lang Market. side of Siriraj Hospital. Their uniqueness lies in the roti dough, which is green, fragrant, and smells of pandan leaves. Anyone who lives nearby must rush to eat quickly.

Wang Lang market is said to have a lot of great products. Let me tell you that this shop should not be missed. Roti Thai Bai Toey, a street food roti restaurant with a great recipe from a professional uncle. It has been open for sale for more than 30 years. When frying in a pan, I can say that the aroma of pandan leaves is very appetizing. There are both thick, soft and thin crispy varieties. Good price starting at only 12 baht. There are fillings to choose from as usual. What menu will you order today? Let’s see.

The first item we ordered was Roti with egg and banana. Which the uncle gave me in a lot of ways without having to spare the device at all Makes it sticky, fragrant, smooth banana, very compatible, whoever likes sweet can make a request. Anyone who likes to put bananas must try it.

Top form, this round must be given Pandan Roti Powder This shop’s dough is thick, soft and fluffy. He mixed pandan leaves. makes it smell special when frying Causing many people to always queue up to buy Uncle Roti. From children to adults.

The next piece we order is 2 rolls of normal roti. This one will be crispy, juicy, delicious without being oily at all. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, pandan scented. Topped with sweetened condensed milk. This menu is very classic. It’s delicious. Anyone who passes by, try to stop by and try it.

Anyone passing through the Wang Lang area If you want to find something delicious to eat, Pang recommends Roti Thai Bai Toey shop. The queue is not very long deliciousness as rumored Whether it’s crispy or soft, it’s delicious as well as famous restaurants. After eating fishy food, let’s move on to dessert.

  • Thai pandan roti shop, Wang Lang Market, Soi 5, in front of Top Charoen Glasses Shop
  • Open every day except Monday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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