Roti Nam Kaeng (Row Nam) Phuket breakfast restaurant Guaranteed delicacy at the Michelin Guide level!

Roti Nam Kaeng (Row Nam) Phuket breakfast restaurant Guaranteed delicacy at the Michelin Guide level!
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Usually in the morning, many people would wake up to eat congee, sandwiches, Patongo or coffee, right? But tell me that if you come Phuket Province, then local people here would like to eat “Roti” as the first meal of the day. Today we come to get to know Phuket breakfast restaurant, Roti Nam Kaeng (Taew Nam), an old restaurant that has been in the Phuket area for more than 70 years, is considered a delicious destination for both locals. and tourists The best thing is the aromatic roti. crispy on the outside soft on the inside Fried roti dough on a hot charcoal stove Another good thing in Phuket at the Michelin level restaurant that should not be missed.

Roti Nam Kaeng (Row Nam) : Phuket Breakfast Restaurant

Phuket’s original roti restaurant Normally southerners eat a lot of variety for breakfast. Whether it’s Kanom Jeen, Dim Sum, or if you want to focus on a sweet, oily breakfast. There will be a roti shop ready to serve since early morning. which the shop that we bring to tell Of course, that’s not really common. Guaranteed by the Michelin Bib Gourmand award again, as it has been in the old neighborhood for a long time. It is considered a meeting point in Phuket. Many people come and eat continuously.

Completed seat reservations It’s time to order a delicious menu. The shop will have beef curry, chicken curry, fish curry, massaman curry with chicken. Beef massaman curry and bean curry cost 50 baht per bowl (free bean curry, but the flour arrives at 10:30 a.m. the bean curry is sold out). There is a light mellow. Eat together with delicious roti dough.

The outstandingness of this shop that we have to give a thumbs up. and is unique in that it is The roti are freshly fried in a large flat pan over a charcoal fire. Makes it crispy, delicious, not oily. Another thing is how to order roti. In the menu, roti will be ordered 1:1, 2:1 or 2:2. This is not a secret code. but it means Proportion of the roti sheets and the number of eggs to be put on the face.

In the part of the roti, there will be both normal. and fried egg Served cut into pieces Ready to eat with curry sauce The roti has a good crispy texture. Chew and enjoy. No oil. Good smell of burning pan lightly. Crack the fried egg Then eat a pair of curry paste at the same time. I can’t stand it. I beat it until it’s all gone. If I don’t add an egg, I’ll order a soft-boiled egg to eat as a side dish.

Curry will be clear water. lightly scented with spices It’s not too strong, kids can eat it, the meat is soft, delicious, not sticky, it’s easy to slurp, and it’s slightly sweet, so you can eat it over and over. The curry is rich and fragrant. The meat is tender and soft, not sticky. Eating with roti is very good. I really like the fact that the restaurant offers a full bowl. Almost overflowing the cup, will pour over the roti. Or how to dip it, you will get to experience the full mouthful of the curry sauce.

If anyone is hesitating whether to try it or not. Will other roti be the same? Let me tell you that the Roti Nam Kaeng restaurant (Nam area) is delicious like no other for sure. Importantly, even though it’s a Michelin restaurant. But the price is very affordable, not expensive at all, starting at only 20 baht, but you have to come a little early. Because no later than noon Some menu items are sold out. Who wants to change the atmosphere and try eating breakfast of local people? Don’t miss this shop!

  • Roti Nam Kaeng (Row Nam) Thep Krasattri Road, Phuket
  • Open daily from 07.00-12.00

โรตีแถวนํ้า (Roti Thaew Nam)

Closed until 07:00 (UTC+7)

6 ถ. เทพกระษัตรี ตำบลตลาดใหญ่ อำเภอเมืองภูเก็ต ภูเก็ต 83000






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