Ice-cream fried Ratchadamnoen Definitely the topping, full of whipped cream, enjoy eating until you forget to get fat!

Ice-cream fried Ratchadamnoen Definitely the topping, full of whipped cream, enjoy eating until you forget to get fat!
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Today, let’s pamper people who like to eat desserts with Ice-cream Thod Ratchadamnoen. Not far from the Khao San area. Let me tell you that there are many menus to choose from. Full of toppings, whipped cream, soft, delicious, full of words! At the shop, there are many flavors of ice cream to choose from. After eating savory food, coming to dessert here, I can tell you that it’s satisfying!

Ice-cream fried Ratchadamnoen A source of delicious street food style on the side of the road. Because here there are many delicious ice cream menus to choose from. The atmosphere of the shop has the feel of teenagers who are nice to sit and take pictures. It’s another restaurant that invites the gang of friends to sit and chat with each other.

In the eating part, I can tell that it’s full. Satisfied with the sweetest type at the shop, they put the utensils tightly. The bread is soft and delicious. There are more than 10 flavors of ice cream with highlighted toppings. Anyone who comes here recommends eating the fluffy whipped cream that they provide overflowing the cup. In addition, there are drink menus and Hong Kong waffles to try as well.

The menu that I ordered today, I can say that I am very satisfied. M&M fried ice cream with whipped cream Everyone has eaten together very well. The whipped cream is very smooth, with the crunch of chocolate to enjoy chewing. In an instant, the cup is gone.

The next one will be Fried Popsicle with Whipped Cream Macaron This cup is ordered as fresh milk flavored ice cream. Very smooth. This cup. The flavor of the ice cream is sweet and smooth. like eating milk tablets The top is topped with soft and fluffy whipped cream, sprinkled with crunchy sprinkles and mini macarons. delicious

Oreo whipped cream Who is not afraid of being fat, come this way! This cup is ordered as pure whipped cream. Top with Oreo on top, topped with chocolate, level ten! Very smooth, fluffy creamy texture, the taste goes out to the bland, oily side, with a slight sweetness, good for sweethearts. Anyone who loves whipped cream is a must order. Very kindergarten price, only 39 baht!

Who still lacks sweetness? Let’s move on to a drink that adds sweetness to this glass of volcanic bear milk. Blend until smooth and soft. mellow, fragrant, bear’s milk smell The taste is sweet, oily, smooth, sprinkled with ovaltine powder, very satisfying.

Ice-cream fried Ratchadamnoen

Ice-cream fried Ratchadamnoen A restaurant with a delicious dessert menu that you should invite your friends to sit and eat with! I can tell that I like Ratchadamnoen teenagers. good for sweet heart There are many menus to choose from. Most importantly, the price is affordable and friendly to the wallet as well. At the shop, they open late until 2 a.m. Don’t be afraid of everything. Let’s go!

Fried ice-cream shop in Ratchadamnoen near Ratchadamnoen Branch Post Office
Open daily from 3:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.

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