Jae Ann’s Restaurant crispy fried chicken skin

Jae Ann’s Restaurant crispy fried chicken skin
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Anyone who likes to eat rice with pork legs according to flour, come to this restaurant, Jae Ann restaurant in front of Bangkok University, Kluay Nam Thai. I can tell you that it’s very cool! There are both topped dishes and pork leg rice. What’s even better is that they also have crispy fried chicken skins for sale. Jay Ann said that originally, people would eat fried chicken skin with gravy. But when I try to eat with pork leg rice too In conclusion, it works! Let’s try it today.

Pork legs and crispy chicken skin, I can say that I’m delighted! Because Jae Ann’s restaurant has arranged it for you to focus on all in one dish. This restaurant is Aroi Chao Ded Kluay Nam Thai. Available for sale in the menu And kaki pork knuckle, soft, large pieces, almost do not need to be chewed, causing jaw pain. The delicious taste bounces against the teeth. There is a delicious crispy fried chicken skin as an add-on option to buy to add crunchiness. Seeing that it’s packed with a lot of plates like this, I can tell you that the price is super cheap!

Rice with Pork Leg + Crispy Fried Chicken Skin Let’s start with the pork rice first. It’s a big plate, very full of ingredients, big pieces of pork, and the sauce is rich in flavor to the stewed spices. The pork knuckle is delicious, tender and not sticky. I believe that it has been stewed for more than 4 hours! Served with soup to sip together smoothly. Topped with sour sauce, cut the taste a bit, just right.

Add a little more calories by ordering 1 bag of fried chicken skin separately. Put it in. Eating together is really work. Add crunchy texture to rice with pork The taste is just right, not greasy. Serious frame, shake your teeth. It is a must-try!

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Who is the food type? Emphasis on large quantities, full of fillings. I recommend Jay Ann Restaurant, Rad Na + Pork Leg with Spicy Ingredients. Delicious, satisfying, worth the amount Pork knuckle comes in large pieces with soft skin. If you like chicken skin, get 1 bag and sprinkle rice together. The price starts at 50 baht only. Stop by and try it.

  • Topped restaurant – Jae Ann’s pork leg On the opposite side of the front of Bangkok University, Kluaynamthai
  • Open every day except Saturday from 10.00 – 21.30

ขาหมู ราดหน้าเจ๊แอน

Open until 21:30 (UTC+7)

300/1 ถ. อาจณรงค์ แขวงพระโขนง เขตคลองเตย กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110






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