Phuthon Bar, an ancient toast shop in the old area of Sao Chingcha Fragrant smell of charcoal stove

Phuthon Bar, an ancient toast shop in the old area of Sao Chingcha Fragrant smell of charcoal stove
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If talking about the old area of the Sao Ching Swing area, many people would think of a variety of delicious food along the Sao Ching Swing road. which will open late at night Likes people at night very much. Today I brought you to try an old local restaurant. of Phraeng Phuthorn Road, that is Phuthorn Bar, an ancient toast shop that gives the feel of an old, vintage, retro shop The trick of this shop will be Bread that is toasted on a charcoal stove with a soft fire until it is soft, fragrant and delicious.

Phuthon Bar

Phuthon Bar or another name that many people are familiar with is Pang Lung Cheay, an ancient toast shop in the Sao Chingcha area. This shop will open from about 5 pm, dragging until 11 pm. Inside the shop will give a comfortable atmosphere to receive the cool breeze, classic vintage feel. There are seats for dessert. Meet and chat with each other for fun. Anyone who comes to this shop has to wait a bit. Because Uncle Cheet is meticulous in doing things. Grilled with a soft charcoal stove Emits a delicious aroma

Phuthon Bar

At Pang Uncle Chuea shop There are many fillings to choose from. There are as many as 12 fillings to choose from. I am very satisfied. Today, I come to taste 5 of them together. The first one is toast with butter, chili paste, shredded pork, onion and butter, and filled with roasted chili and shredded pork. It gives a lot of flavor. It tastes sweet and spicy.

Next will be butter, cream, golden threads. Chocolate Butter Filling These two, I can tell you that it’s super juicy. The creamy butter and golden threads are very tender. The soft dough is rubbed with cream and sprinkled with golden threads. It comes packed full. As for the chocolate butter filling, it’s sweet and delicious. Smell the smell of charcoal

The last two will be Butter and Strawberry Jam and butter custard filling Who likes sweet and sour, choose strawberries. If anyone likes mellowness Choose to have custard. It’s delicious. Full of flavor. Crispy bread on the outside. Soft on the inside. Greasy filling. Satisfied with every bite.

Phuthon Bar

Who doesn’t know what to eat this evening? Stop by and try the deliciousness at Phu Thon Bar. There are as many as 12 fillings to choose from. Every piece is buttered and grilled on a low-fire charcoal grill. to wait a little longer But Uncle Chae guarantees delicious, fragrant, soft for sure.

  • Phuthorn Bar, Phraeng Phuthorn Road
  • Open every day except Sunday from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

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