Phoomjai Crepe, Thai crepe shop in Ari area, crispy thin crust, full filling.

Phoomjai Crepe, Thai crepe shop in Ari area, crispy thin crust, full filling.
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If anyone is looking for a delicious crepe shop that looks good. Let’s try to visit Ari area. Today, Pang brought me to try crepes at Phumjai Crepe, a Thai crepe shop with a Japanese-style atmosphere. Just seeing the name makes me feel proud to try it. Crispy Homemade Flour Fragrant, buttery smell. With a full range of toppings, crepes lovers must hit

Phumjai Crepe, a delicious crepe shop worth waiting for This shop is located in Soi Aree 1, just a short walk and you will find the shop. designed in a minimalist style Giving a light Japanese feel. The shop is white. cut with a little wood grain The restaurant has a wide variety of menus to choose from, including sweet and savory fillings that have been carefully selected. Their flour is delicious as they say. Some crispy, very fragrant with butter

Today, I try to choose all 2 flavors of sweet and savory powder. The first wear will be Ham Cheese Pizza Flavor (60 baht) I would say that this filling is very tasty. When eating and biting into the cheese, there will be a salty, oily taste, meet with various sauces, enjoy eating, pizza sauce is delicious. Supplied in a full sheet This piece can be eaten instead of rice.

The second type we chose was sweet filling. Matcha Foi Thong flavor (75 baht). This one is strange. I’ve never tried matcha and golden threads. Sweet people might like it. Golden threads, sweet and fragrant and giving a lot of golden threads The matcha spread was delicious. little sweet is good cut off the full sheet

Proud Crepe

Anyone who comes here can order the crispy level of the dough. whether you like it crispy or soft If you like the frame, the shop will take a little time. But definitely guarantee the crispy Because I tried to leave it for a while. When I took it again, it was still crispy.

Anyone who is interested in trying crepe pride can come and taste the deliciousness at Soi Aree 1. Secretly whispering that it’s Khun Ing Waruntorn’s favorite shop as well. You can create as you like. Or you can try the menu first. There are both Tokyo Crepe and Mac&Cheese menus to choose from.

  • Phumjai Crepe Phumjai Crepe Shop, Soi Aree 1, Phaholyothin 7
  • Open daily from 11.00-19.30

ภูมิใจ เครป

Closed until 11:00 (UTC+7)

14 ซ. อารีย์สัมพันธ์ 1 แขวงสามเสนใน เขตพญาไท กรุงเทพมหานคร 10400






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