Custard Sticky Rice By Patjira Soft Sticky Rice Fragrant, creamy coconut milk

Custard Sticky Rice By Patjira Soft Sticky Rice Fragrant, creamy coconut milk
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Today, bring everyone to eat delicious food at the restaurant. Custard Sticky Rice By Patjira, located at the lower market, Soi 4, Nakhon Pathom, one of the best restaurants in the market. It’s a small shopping cart. But customers stop by to buy continuously. There are many faces of glutinous rice to choose from, various types, fragrant, sweet, mellow, soft glutinous rice. coconut milk menu You can choose which page you like!

Custard Sticky Rice By Patjira

If you are a Thai dessert lover, don’t miss this shop. Sticky rice with custard, smooth taste A cart shop full of raw materials for making dessert menus As for the customers, the queue is also tight as well. At the shop, there are 4 types of sticky rice, namely Moon sticky rice. yellow glutinous rice Black sticky rice and butterfly pea sticky rice. For the front part, there will be custard topping, shrimp topping, fish topping, Kratoon topping, and also having a few bean snacks as well. Sold wrapped in banana leaves The classic wooden skewer Add more appetizing I can’t stand it. Let’s get 5 packs.

Custard Sticky Rice ByPatjira

Moon sticky rice topped with shrimp, black sticky rice topped with custard Each type of glutinous rice has just the right sweet taste, well arranged grains, not too wet. Some parcels are topped with coconut milk added as well. add more saltiness to it The top of the prawns is salty and slightly sweet. delicious, enjoy The front part of custard is very sweet, fragrant, firm texture, soft and smooth. Eat a pair of moon sticky rice to increase the oiliness.

Custard Sticky Rice ByPatjira

Shredded Moon Sticky Rice This menu may not be very familiar with the name. It is a menu that uses coconut as the main ingredient, shredded into strips and then simmered with sugar until sticky. Good smell of coconut lightly. delicious, chew, enjoy and the last is Butterfly Pea Sticky Rice Topped with Fish The fish meat is pounded with fried shallots and sugar. The taste is sweet and salty, a good contrast. Overall, it’s delicious, worth the rumors.

Custard Sticky Rice ByPatjira

The last menu is Peanut Butter, pleasing coconut lovers. This menu is coming in a tight package, a big bite of peanuts, soft and smooth dough, tightly packed, inside is a filling of peanuts mixed with coconut. The outside is sprinkled with sugar for added sweetness. Anyone who hasn’t eaten peanuts yet, this restaurant recommends you to try it. I secretly have a slightly dark neck. But the taste can be used.

For anyone who likes to eat Thai desserts. Looking for delicious Thai desserts? Custard Sticky Rice By Patjira is another restaurant that tastes as good as anyone else. Who is Nakhon Pathom? Or have a chance to visit the market down Soi 4 to find and try it.

  • Custard Sticky Rice Shop By Pajira, Lower Market, Soi 4, Nakhon Pathom (in front of the alley there is a Kasikorn Bank)
  • Open daily from 10.30-17.00

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