Review Aunt Ruay Poo is a seafood restaurant in Hua Hin. Recommended to try!

Review Aunt Ruay Poo is a seafood restaurant in Hua Hin. Recommended to try!
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Aunt Ruay Poo is a seafood restaurant in Hua Hin that I want you to try once. As for this shop, let me tell you first that I got to know Pang by accident. And when I tried it I want to take it home to eat. Is a cute price, fresh food, delicious, there are many menus to choose from The taste is right. Today, I would like to point out the location of a great seafood restaurant in Hua Hin. It deserves to be eaten!

Pang arrives at Hua Hin around noon. Let’s recharge our energy first with lunch at Aunt Ruay Poo Pen’s restaurant. seafood restaurant Came to Hua Hin, a place where there are shellfish. Surrounded by the sea like this, let’s pack it hard

The atmosphere in front of the shop This restaurant is near the sea, the wind is very strong, not hot at all, but the body may be sticky. From down to the sea a little bit, haha.

For this meal, order not much, not less.

Fried Rice with Crab Salad (250 baht)

Fried snapper with fish sauce (420 baht)

Sour fish egg curry with coconut shoots (450 baht)

Garlic lobster, half kilo (350 baht)

Sun-dried squid (250 baht)

Blue crab 1 kilo (650 baht)

Large Scallops (320 baht)

Half kilo of grilled shrimp (600 baht)

Overall, it’s delicious. The seafood is very fresh and the taste is just right. The atmosphere of the shop is open. The day when the powder went was very windy. Not hot at all who is looking for seafood restaurant You can try to keep this Aunt Ruay Poo Sen shop in the list.

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Open until 21:00 (UTC+7)

20/158, ตำบล หนองแก อำเภอหัวหิน ประจวบคีรีขันธ์ 77110






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