Paradai – crafted chcolate & cafe, a shop that chocolate lovers should not miss

Paradai – crafted chcolate & cafe, a shop that chocolate lovers should not miss
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paradai – paradai – crafted chcolate & cafe, a chocolate shop that you are really serious about. The shop has been open for about 2 years. It’s called a bold chocolate story. There will be 2 branches of this shop, one at Tanaosri Road, around Sao Chingcha, and at the art gallery on the 2nd floor (the floor connected to the BTS). In the picture is the art gallery.

For the menu, there will be both drinks. chocolate pieces and a chocolate bar I have tried a lot today. Let’s see what’s there. First of all, when we order drinks. They will chop the chocolate bar first.

The first glass , Signature Chocolate (120 baht), is available both hot and iced.

The next glass, Signature Chocolate Marshmallow (150 baht), is only hot.

The last glass that I would like to recommend is Signature Chocolate Double Dark (180 baht), available both hot and iced.

For those who don’t eat chocolate, you can come. At the shop, there are other menus such as various coffees, Thai teas, and green teas as well.

As for another menu that has arrived, don’t miss it. These are the chocolates that are waiting for us in the cabinet.

There are a lot of strange flavors, there are about 18 flavors to choose from, and there are always new and strange flavors coming in. Take it easy as you can see today and I have tried almost 10 flavors. If the flavor you like and would like to recommend is

  • Passion Fruit & Black Sesame. This one has the sourness of passion fruit. It’s called refreshing. Black sesame seeds are not that flavorful. because the oil has been extracted
  • Raspberry & Okra. This one is sour and sweet, delicious, easy to eat, everyone should like this piece.
  • Miang Kham, this one is really new. Well, they put betel leaves, roasted coconut, and shallots into it. After chewing, it has a smell and texture that is really similar to the smell of Miang Kham. This is very cool. I like it.

Some of them that I have tasted and thought they were a bit too sweet. (Personally, I don’t like very sweet chocolate or milk.) There are matcha & sencha, yuzu & honey tea like this.

As for all the flavors that day, there were 18 flavors as follows:

  1. Double Dark Chocolate (50 baht)
  2. Hazelnut Malibu (50 baht)
  3. Passion Fruit & Black Sesame (50 baht)
  4. Thai tea (50 baht)
  5. Mint (50 baht)
  6. Macadamia & Coffee Caramel (50 baht)
  7. Strawberry Cheesecake (60 baht)
  8. Blueberry & Lemon (60 baht)
  9. Rose tea (60 baht)
  10. Matcha & Sencha (40 baht)
  11. Sai Nam Phueng Cream Cheese (60 baht)
  12. Yuzu & Honey Tea (50 baht)
  13. Miang Kham (60 baht)
  14. Salted Caramel (50 baht)
  15. Melon & Lemon (50 baht)
  16. Mixed Berry (60 baht)
  17. Raspberry & Okra (50 baht)
  18. Rum Raisins (50 baht)

For this shop, if anyone is a chocolate lover, don’t miss it. I’m impressed with the powder Definitely go back again

PARADAi Chocolate (Handcrafted)

Open until 20:00 (UTC+7)

939 ถ. พระรามที่ ๑ แขวงวังใหม่ เขตปทุมวัน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10330






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