Review of Pa Kao, a famous spicy salad restaurant in Thonburi area Suan Thon Plaza project near Bangmod University

Review of Pa Kao, a famous spicy salad restaurant in Thonburi area Suan Thon Plaza project near Bangmod University

These two years are truly the year of Yum. But let me tell you that not every restaurant that tastes good is not every restaurant. The taste of each person is not the same as well. But this shop told me first that the powder has already tasted. I give it to be one of the top restaurants in my heart. Another thing I like is that it opens in the middle of the day, haha. What shop is in Thonburi area that Pang said?

Today, I’m going to take you to eat at Pa Kao, a spicy salad restaurant located in the Suan Thon Plaza project. Soi next to Susco gas station Opposite Soi Phutthabucha 44, near Bangmod Techno University During the day it might be a little hot. But let me tell you that it’s delicious. worth a try

Pha Khao or Pha Khao in Isaan dialect means a food tray or a circle to eat. The name of the shop is really good. Let’s have a look at the menu.

Spicy Fried Pork Belly Salad, Large Plate (100 baht) Large pieces of pork belly. the thickness is just right It’s not too much and not too little. Meet spicy salad, it’s very good.

Spicy Prawn Salad (150 baht) for those who like raw food. fresh prawns that have been dissected after being thoroughly cleaned plated with spicy salad Let me tell you that it’s crispy, sweet, very satisfying.

Spicy Salmon Salad Large Plate (150 baht) The salmon here is thick and just right. The salmon line really can’t be missed.

Spicy Egg Yolk Salad x Pork Sausage, a large dish (140 baht), one of the must-have dishes in every restaurant. It’s pork sausage with salted egg yolk. This dish is not to be missed. Pork Sausage, cut into thick pieces, good taste, really satisfying.

Overall taste, Pang Long is very spicy, it’s very spicy, it’s spicy enough to eat. Well, it’s spicy, but it can go on. Sour, spicy, very satisfying.

The next menu is Fried Pork Belly with Fish Sauce on Rice (40 baht) This dish is definitely a must-try dish. It’s fried pork belly with fish sauce. It’s hot, juicy, not too salty. Topped with the restaurant’s chili paste, very satisfying.

The shop has chili paste that you can scoop unlimited. It’s minced fermented fish chili paste, spicy chili paste (orange color), roasted chili paste, spicy spicy sauce, and herbal juice in a jar for free, ice, drinking water, you can scoop it yourself.

Overview of the shop The shop does not have air conditioning. But he fanned the fan to the fullest. But what I like most is the cleanliness of the food. is that the size of the fresh shrimp still has a back cut clean up This is very pleasing.

if passing by Don’t forget to stop by and try it.

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