Pickled Seafood, Grandma Kleang Recipe Zab Zeed hits the mouth So delicious that the queue is sure!

Pickled Seafood, Grandma Kleang Recipe Zab Zeed hits the mouth So delicious that the queue is sure!
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Pickled seafood disciples should not miss this restaurant. Pickled seafood, grandmother’s recipe. at the southern market Let me tell you that it’s the best! They have 2 pickling recipes, namely Korean soy sauce pickle and fish sauce pickle. Both pickled blue crabs, pickled egg crabs, shrimp – crayfish, salmon and many other menus can be called shrimp, shellfish, fish! Can’t be great, everyone!

Pickled Seafood, Grandma Kleang Recipe Popular pickle shop that pickle lovers must tell Because no matter where he goes to the booth It can be said that the golden queue is full of people in front of the store. With the shop selecting raw materials, full of special No matter what seafood dishes I can only say that very spicy Guaranteed to be cool to the point of ginger.

I would say that this restaurant is famous for its very fresh ingredients. It’s salty, sweet and mellow. and Korean marinade Sweet, fragrant, soy sauce and sesame oil. There are 2 dipping sauces to choose from: with fermented fish and without fermented fish. It has a unique taste like no other at all. Let’s see which menu will be arranged today!

The first thing is the best thing that you should come and try. Blue crab, really fresh crab meat, super sweet and juicy. The smell of soy sauce is fragrant. The taste is not too salty. Eat with Japanese rice. Sip on hot miso soup, it’s good.

Who likes crab eggs, I can tell you must like it! With the menu of pickled egg crab, soy sauce Crab roe, fresh meat, not crumbled There are juicy and sweet crab roe in the shell. Topped with spicy sauce, runny pickled eggs, served with hot steamed rice.

Let’s move on to the shrimp menu. Shrimp + pickled shrimp with fish sauce. Crispy shrimp. Eat with Japanese rice wrapped in seaweed. Topped with a little seafood sauce. Very satisfying. The sauce is spicy and satisfying. Anyone who likes fermented fish must come and try this restaurant. Nua taste. Don’t tell anyone.

Pickled Seafood, Grandma Kleang Recipe

In addition to having a menu of pickled seafood, spicy and spicy. They also have other pickled menus as well, everyone. Ryukyu fish roe, pickled salmon, pickled salted egg yolk big cockle Or if anyone doesn’t like raw The shop also has fresh milk steamed.

Pickled disciples must say that pickled seafood, Grandma Kluay recipe. It’s another restaurant that tastes delicious to the heart. Most importantly, the price is still very cheap! Pickled shrimp menu starts at only 7 baht each! Pickled crabs start at 30 baht each, but if you go, you have to wait a bit. Because the queue is really full. Who is near the southern market? You can stop by to support us.

  • Grandmother’s restaurant with great pickled seafood Sai Tai Center Market
  • Open daily from 18.00 – 24.00

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