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Grandma Kleang Talay Dong, very cool, Sai Tai Center Market

#Pickled sea. Grandmother’s recipe. full combination of seafood There are both pickled soy sauce, Korean and pickled fish sauce, juicy!

Pickled seafood disciples should not miss this restaurant. Pickled seafood restaurant, grandmother’s recipe. at the southern market Let me tell you that it’s the best! They have 2 pickling recipes together, Korean soy sauce pickle and fish sauce pickle. Both pickled blue crabs, pickled crabs, pickled egg crabs, shrimp-mantis shrimp, salmon and many other menus can be called shrimp, shellfish, fish! can’t bang

Grandmother’s restaurant with great pickled seafood Sai Tai Center Market
⏰ Open everyday from 18.00-24.00

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