Monday shop Superb authentic local restaurant Recommended by Phuket people!

Monday shop Superb authentic local restaurant Recommended by Phuket people!
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Monday shop Another very popular shop. Among tourists who come to the old city is a famous local restaurant in Phuket. Located in the heart of the city on Thepkasattri Road. There are many famous local dishes here. By creating deliciousness according to the recipe according to the original authentic Thai version The taste is unique, unlike other restaurants. and received the Michelin Bib Gourmand award as well Anyone who arrives will be stunned by the beauty of the shop decorated with luxury, classic, beautiful in every corner until they will definitely have to pick up a camera to take a souvenir.

Monday shop

If anyone likes classic style restaurants Which no matter what angle you take a photo, it’s beautiful to catch all eyes. We recommend this shop. It is another shop on the list of Phuket. At the atmosphere no matter where you look It’s beautiful and definitely likes the photographer’s line. The shop is designed in a mix of tones in the Sino-Portuguese style. Vintage but still classic, perfect on the wall and around the shop will be decorated with old collectibles. Whether it’s a clock, an antique camera, or a radio, it really invites you back to your childhood.

Monday shop Michelin Guide Phuket

in the food menu It is considered that this restaurant produces the taste that is very pleasing to our taste buds. Let’s start with Crab meat curry with betel leaves + noodles (370 baht), another local dish that should not be missed. This dish is a must-order for those who like crab curry. Good intense flavor Spicy is delicious Smell the smell of the restaurant’s unique curry paste. overflowing with crab Eat with noodles and fresh local vegetables.

Moo Hong (265 baht) This one is a must order!!!! Pang who is not in love with Moo Hong It’s the best. Pork belly stewed with spices until tender Soft pork is delicious. intense sauce Fragrant smell of garlic and pepper. Pour hot steamed rice Eat together with a delicious, mellow taste.

Nam Phrik Kung Siew (165 baht) This one is Nam Phrik Kung Siew. famous things in Phuket Crispy Shrimp It is pounded until coarse, paired with fragrant shrimp paste, chili and red shallots, and is completely seasoned to obtain a delicious chili paste. Served with blanched vegetables, juicy, sweet and crispy.

Snapper Fish Soup with Coconut Shoot (480 baht) Another menu full of ingredients, large pieces of fish topped with crunchy coconut shoots. It’s full of stuff. Not allergic to fish. The sour curry sauce tastes intense. Sour and spicy But still has a mellow sweetness from the sea bass. come to help cut the taste make this menu fit together perfectly

Stir-Fried Phak Miang with Egg (165 baht) This dish is also delicious. Sprinkle shrimp on top Add texture when chewing Miang leaves, oily taste, not bitter, delicious, and continue with the menu, roasted pork with salt (150 baht), a delicious appetizer that goes well with anything. This dish is similar to three layers, crispy. looks like a general face But I enjoyed eating until I finished the first dish.

This dish is an appetizer that has no taste at all. I’m very impressed with the name “Bue Tod Kung” (160 baht) which is vegetables and shrimp. Coated with curry paste and crispy batter. when eating dipping sauce Monday’s special recipe sweet and sour taste delicious, enjoy eating

Ho Mok Crab with Crab Meat (3 packs / 180 baht) I would like to recommend this one if you like Ho Mok when coming to Phuket. It’s very delicious. Ho Mok is soft and tender, served hot. Crab on top is in chunks, sweet and fresh, and finally a menu. Khao Tang Na Tang (110 baht) I wanted to eat this one personally, so I ordered it. It’s white, not like I’ve ever eaten. The taste is quite nutty, with coarsely ground cashew nuts mixed with coconut milk aroma. Eat together with crunchy rice crackers.

In addition to the above menu that we have brought to tell about the deliciousness. Inside the restaurant, there are also many other delicious dishes that create delicious flavors that are truly worthy of a Michelin award. In conclusion, if anyone comes to Phuket next time You should not miss coming to try. Order 2-3 of the great dishes and enjoy the restaurant while enjoying the atmosphere. I believe that it will be another special meal that will definitely make you happy.

  • Monday Shop, Thep Kasattri Road, Phuket
  • Open daily from 10.00-22.00

วันจันทร์ บ้านอาหารไทย

Closed until 10:00 (UTC+7)

48/1 ถนน เทพกษัตรี ตำบล ตลาดใหญ่ อำเภอ เมืองภูเก็ต ภูเก็ต 83000






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