Review Ohkajhu Market Village Rangsit, organic salad shop from Chiang Mai

Review Ohkajhu Market Village Rangsit, organic salad shop from Chiang Mai

Ohkajhu, new branch at Market Village, Rangsit which the original shop is in Chiang Mai But with very good sales It started to open a branch in Bangkok. Here is famous for organic vegetables, which the shop has its own vegetable garden. And the shop in Bangkok also receives vegetables from the garden in Chiang Mai.

Which is transported by car that has a very good loading process And it is stipulated that each day’s vegetables must be picked from the garden for no more than 28 hours, thus making every dish in the restaurant fresh and full of vitamins. According to the concept of From Farm to table

Let’s see what menu Pang Long has to offer today.

Japanese Salad (195 baht) Crispy organic vegetable salad with crab sticks, seaweed salad, shrimp roe, nori seaweed and topped with dried bonito flakes. There are 2 dressings: Japanese sesame dressing and Japanese soy sauce dressing.

Spaghetti Tom Yum Crab Kung (295 baht) Juicy spaghetti. There are shrimp and crab balls. Topped with salmon roe. served with lime Squeeze the lemon and add intense flavor. more bold

Curved Rib Steak (625 baht) This dish is considered to be the signature dish of the restaurant. large pork ribs Marinated with a special recipe and baked for more than 12 hours, I can say that it’s soft. and really intense

Crab Roll Cream Cheese Spring Rolls (165 baht) This dish uses salad roll dough. full of vegetables But there is a lightness. from the cream cheese inside Served with seafood dipping sauce

Ohkajhu Cheese Fries (175 baht) Big chunks of fried cheese served with pineapple. Pang likes this fried cheese very much. It’s a big piece of cheese. I’m really satisfied.

Butterfly Pea Coconut Pudding

Who is in the Rangsit zone? Don’t forget to stop by and try it.

โอ้กะจู๋ สาขามาร์เก็ตวิลเลจ รังสิต (OHKAJHU Market Village Rangsit)

Open until 21:00 (UTC+7)

ชัยพฤกษ์ ซอย 2 ตำบล บึงยี่โถ อำเภอธัญบุรี ปทุมธานี 12130






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